The Streets of Brooklyn

This shoot came about while I was working on my recent video, Birds of a Feather. Earlier in the month, Amy Starr had contacted me to say she would be back in town, and we should definitely make some time to work together. I told her that sounded like an amazing idea. She arrived a week later and since I was in the middle of the other project, I arranged a schedule for the morning of Memorial Day.

To make things easier, we decided to use a studio in downtown Brooklyn. Of course, that meant I had to drive out there this time, instead of Amy coming out here. And I had to finish up in order to head back for a midday barbeque. However, it is always exciting to shoot at a new location, not to mention Amy herself is a feast for the eyes.

Well, this studio provided lots of interesting props and areas for scenery. There was a balcony and upstairs office space that we worked into the video as well. The best part was because of the time of the day and it being a holiday, the streets outside and around the corner were mostly quiet.


I won’t say the two of us weren’t seen, but after waiting for the right moment, Amy agreed to run out onto the sidewalk. She was butt-naked outdoors in public. I pushed her to see how far she would go, walking (running) further away from the privacy of the studio. This will be the highlight of the video, I think, and I was even able to snap a couple of still pictures. The one with her crouching by the plant below, we realized after the fact that someone was sitting in a car parked right on the curb.

It certainly was a memorable shoot, and Amy looks wonderful. Here are a few other pictures to tease with.

Stay tuned!







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