Quote of the Day

“I feel like Red Riding Hood”

~Aphrodite in Anatomy of a Dare

I had a lot of fun working with Aphrodite on this video from two years ago, and she made a lot of silly comments throughout the production. This is one of those stream-of-conscious thoughts, I suppose. The curvy young woman went on to explain, “except I’m not wearing any red”.

Indeed, Aphrodite had nothing on at all as she walked along a quite road in broad daylight.


Outtakes Video: Making a Memory

Here is a clip I put together featuring some outtakes from my recent video with Amy Starr. For me, the fun really starts when we were discussing the best way to approach having her run outside. More than once, she claims that she has no problem with being naked outdoors. But we still had to be cautious to avoid getting in trouble.

Also, I included a few deleted cuts that did not make the final video, such as when Amy was climbing over the couch and I caught my reflection in a mirror. There were a lot of framed mirrors in that area of the studio. It’s amazing I didn’t have more difficulty shooting around that spot.

There is one place when she is out on the sidewalk, in the finished production, I had edited in a heart-beat sound effect. I did that to mask the reality of us talking about where she could head and what she should do next. Just a little crazy giving direction with Amy standing on the side of the street without any clothes on! My intention during that whole episode was to keep the camera running and leave the video as it played out without chopping it up. So I only muted the sounds for a few frames where I needed to, and replaced with effects. In this clip, I am sharing that piece on the corner unedited.

Once again, the music used in this clip is provided by Peanuth O’Toole. I started with his piano track “Musings on a Starr” and placed the more upbeat “Brooklyn Shake” at the end.

The clip runs about 6 minutes, and can be downloaded at the link below.

Outtakes – Making a Memory




Making a Memory

Amy Starr returns as a young author who comes home to find she has the place to herself. Her roommates are not around. Thinking this would be a fine opportunity to spend some creative time working on her book, Amy soon becomes bored, or perhaps has a case of writer’s block. So the stunning brunette decides to get a little frisky and get a little naked. She dares herself to see how far she can go, even to the point of walking outside completely bare in broad daylight.

This is a slow and sensual video. The primary focus is on Amy’s nudity. Clearly she played her character enjoying a lazy day, more interested in relaxing, and then in the mood for some excitement instead of working on her project. She is very languid in her movements, and Amy has a habit of rubbing or caressing her upper body quite often. Perhaps she is self-conscious, but in her own words, she thought this was a sexy scenario.

One of the reasons I went with this idea is because in most of my other productions with Amy, she has been locked out or tricked out of her clothes. In other words, she ends up naked unwillingly or through no fault of her own. (Besides being a tad accident prone.) So I wanted to explore the situation of an attractive woman taking advantage of her solitude to run around naked and growing more bold in her actions. Indeed, her character expresses nervousness, needing to build her courage before taking the next step.

If I had more time to develop the story, I might have done it differently and stayed with the formula where she has her clothes disappear, asking her to play a more frantic and frustrated part. But this was an unfamiliar location for me, and I also wasn’t sure what kind of scenes I would be able to stage, heading into this shoot. So I kept things sweet and simple.

The video starts and ends with a classic rock track, music once again created by Penuth O’Toole. I had asked him to come up with something in the style of early AC/DC. Thinking about Amy, I had been inspired by the line “Knocking me out with those American thighs”. This track is titled “Brooklyn Shake”. For his part, Peanuth was also inspired particularly by the photo of Amy on the merry-go-round horse, and he wrote a charming piano piece called “Musings on a Starr”. I used this music during a stretch of Amy walking in her jeans, showing off her long legs.

I think she is so beautiful, and always enjoy working with her. When the time came to shoot the outdoor scenes, she was more than up for it, and the whole preparation and sequence was a lot of fun.

The full production runs 16 minutes, and is available in two parts at my clips4sale store.




June Update

Obviously I have been working on my new video, which is coming along nicely. I expect to have it finished by the weekend.

But I also wanted to post an update to mention that May was a great month for this site. I suppose starting off with a production involving Jackie Stevens, and closing out with some photos of Amy Starr, has helped a lot. For a frame of reference, according to the statistics page, May 2014 was the third most active month since I started this blog. Thanks again to everyone who reads and comments!

Here is a sneak preview screenshot from the video, while I’m in the middle of editing.

Stay tuned!