June Update

Obviously I have been working on my new video, which is coming along nicely. I expect to have it finished by the weekend.

But I also wanted to post an update to mention that May was a great month for this site. I suppose starting off with a production involving Jackie Stevens, and closing out with some photos of Amy Starr, has helped a lot. For a frame of reference, according to the statistics page, May 2014 was the third most active month since I started this blog. Thanks again to everyone who reads and comments!

Here is a sneak preview screenshot from the video, while I’m in the middle of editing.

Stay tuned!


4 responses to “June Update

    • Thank you, Sharksauce! Right now, I am trying to push 16 minutes, and make this video in two parts. It would be a fun build-up to her scenes of public nudity.

      • hello helmhood why not make a video like this holiday hotline video was very successful doing one like it if for your next project if Promise me your very funny esque aces if you want kisses goodbye

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