Making a Memory

Amy Starr returns as a young author who comes home to find she has the place to herself. Her roommates are not around. Thinking this would be a fine opportunity to spend some creative time working on her book, Amy soon becomes bored, or perhaps has a case of writer’s block. So the stunning brunette decides to get a little frisky and get a little naked. She dares herself to see how far she can go, even to the point of walking outside completely bare in broad daylight.

This is a slow and sensual video. The primary focus is on Amy’s nudity. Clearly she played her character enjoying a lazy day, more interested in relaxing, and then in the mood for some excitement instead of working on her project. She is very languid in her movements, and Amy has a habit of rubbing or caressing her upper body quite often. Perhaps she is self-conscious, but in her own words, she thought this was a sexy scenario.

One of the reasons I went with this idea is because in most of my other productions with Amy, she has been locked out or tricked out of her clothes. In other words, she ends up naked unwillingly or through no fault of her own. (Besides being a tad accident prone.) So I wanted to explore the situation of an attractive woman taking advantage of her solitude to run around naked and growing more bold in her actions. Indeed, her character expresses nervousness, needing to build her courage before taking the next step.

If I had more time to develop the story, I might have done it differently and stayed with the formula where she has her clothes disappear, asking her to play a more frantic and frustrated part. But this was an unfamiliar location for me, and I also wasn’t sure what kind of scenes I would be able to stage, heading into this shoot. So I kept things sweet and simple.

The video starts and ends with a classic rock track, music once again created by Penuth O’Toole. I had asked him to come up with something in the style of early AC/DC. Thinking about Amy, I had been inspired by the line “Knocking me out with those American thighs”. This track is titled “Brooklyn Shake”. For his part, Peanuth was also inspired particularly by the photo of Amy on the merry-go-round horse, and he wrote a charming piano piece called “Musings on a Starr”. I used this music during a stretch of Amy walking in her jeans, showing off her long legs.

I think she is so beautiful, and always enjoy working with her. When the time came to shoot the outdoor scenes, she was more than up for it, and the whole preparation and sequence was a lot of fun.

The full production runs 16 minutes, and is available in two parts at my clips4sale store.




16 responses to “Making a Memory

  1. I have an idea in which 2 girls are staying and working late amy remembers having a major commitment but the clothes are widely used but has a very nice sativa entonses amy clothing comes up saying that if you lend your clothes and he designed not the entonses buy amy is left wondering who has no time to go to the store and then cell phone rings sativa with a call from his boss and amy will design a sativa that if he can sell the clothing but as she was busy with the phone and speaks loudly amy listening to design yes but in reality he was answering his boss and cheerful amy you design thanks and we design want to leave you my clothes and sativa says no strip that Rhodesia knowing that your boss and asks amy sativa design seriously and if you want the best for that I also do not want amy entonses undresses and pulls the clothes away and returns to the office with you to design and sativa I give you $ 100 for your clothes and sativa design is not much and amy will design ok if you ofresco 50 dollars and sativa clear answer which is not much amy ok good I give you 20 dollars sativa not just give me a note disiendo what you want and thanks and amy a ok and sativa responds but now I’m busy ‘ll have to do you and amy sgura sativa if I will not do it I’m too busy or do not want it so Stay knowing that everything is conversation with your boss amy you design ok I write the note and leaves you $ 20 and amy naked stops and opens the jacket taking it away leaving sativa removing her clothes on the desktop removes the blouse bra panties shoes skirt leaves her naked and with the phone in hand and amy clothing and eventually gets him through design lets you note and sativa is talking to his boss but naked and with note side even when removed amy sativa amy hangs and design that you were naked and looking at me and thank you note design sativa pull clothes like you said and Garbage step she will leave 20 dollars to buy the food you thank your friend amy
    sativa or not thought that far esoty naked amy sativa gets up and goes to see if the can reach yet but it’s late and gets naked in the office

    • Hi Katherine,

      I would love to do a video with Amy and Sativa. In fact that would be amazing. The idea of buying clothes and leaving one girl naked is not something I have forgotten. I will think about it for a story the next time I have two models.

      Thank you for your comments and suggestions!

  2. Amy looks as stunning as ever. Is it just me, or do her breasts seem, ever so slightly, larger? I’m looking at her previous work, and her breasts look just shy of a handful. Here, they look like a decent handful. I’m not complaining either way, but I do enjoy bare breasts in all sizes and most shapes. Lol

    Were you too preoccupied with the shoot to take any stills during the production? I just miss seeing the hi-res photos of the lovely actress/es, especially when Amy Starr is featured. Oh well I’ll just have to make do with the other dozens of photos you’ve posted. Lol

    I actually haven’t downloaded the video yet, but I will definitely watch it tonight.

    • Hi ewong,

      Yes, Amy mentioned something about going through hormone changes. One of the things she seemed to be ever conscious about was her breast size. I agree, they look great.

      The stills for this production were posted under the article “The Streets of Brooklyn”. Unless I misread your comment, maybe you missed that post? Of course I would have liked to have taken more stills during this shoot, but the parts outdoors were kind of hectic. There are a handful of nude photos on the other post.

      Thanks, and hope you enjoy the video!

      • You didn’t misread my comment. It seems I missed the other post. The notification showed up in my inbox, but I never opened it. I guess I forgot about it until you posted your June update.

        Changing hormones, eh? Well at least I know I’m not losing my mind! She looks good. I hope she will work with you again soon. She does a good job acting nervous, and the way shebtalls through her thoughts sounds natural. Of course, the fact she was willing to run around outside naked in broad daylight doesn’t hurt either!

      • I am glad you were able to check out the other photos, and it’s good to hear you enjoyed Amy’s monologues. I know it’s not very realistic, but for a solo video, I need the actress to talk to herself. Ever since I started working with Sativa, we developed the process of the character “verbalizing” their thoughts, what’s going through their head. Some are better at it than others.

        It’s funny about the outside stuff, definitely the climax of this video, I think. Just when I stopped working with Amy in 2011, I had been about to try more public nudity with her. Then when we started again this year, I had to wait for the nice weather. So I’ve been looking to do something like this for a while. Hopefully, we will be able to continue!

  3. Loved the outside nudity. Amy was great and beautiful as ever. I had a funny idea for an alternate ending. When she came back inside one of her roommates came back without her knowing (you). Off camera you say Amy were you naked outside just now? Would have been fun to see her try to cover as she tries to explain. Maybe for another project? LOL

    • That would be a great ending! But since I put myself in the last video with Amy, I decided to focus only on her for this one. I’ll be planning to bring on a second model for the next project, so we can get back into more ENF territory.


  4. I was saving watching this video for my birthday day I have too busy to watch it until this morning. & loved it.

    I do hope Amy’s hormone changes are nothing serious. I remember reading in a magazine when I was a teenager that a woman should have 3 different sizes of bras in her wardrobe as breast size can change depending on the time of the month.

    • Thanks! I hope it made a good birthday present, and you had a lovely day. I also read your ideas posted on the OCC forum. Might be time for a park video.

  5. I think videos like this are very good because if the girl looses her clothes she’s embarrassed and covering herself up, if they do it willingly they are a lot more relaxed and cheerful and not as shy.

    • Hi Neil,

      It’s true, in the most realistic sense that a girl who is suddenly embarrassed would likely run and hide while doing everything to cover up. I like to draw things out more. So the relaxed situation of a character such as Amy willingly taking off her clothes works for the prolonged nudity. Then again, I enjoy the emotional part of a woman being embarrassed and acting shy. In addition, hidden nudity is a lot of fun, or using clever ways to hide certian parts. I think both are valid examples of storytelling.

      Thanks for the comments!

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