Outtakes Video: Making a Memory

Here is a clip I put together featuring some outtakes from my recent video with Amy Starr. For me, the fun really starts when we were discussing the best way to approach having her run outside. More than once, she claims that she has no problem with being naked outdoors. But we still had to be cautious to avoid getting in trouble.

Also, I included a few deleted cuts that did not make the final video, such as when Amy was climbing over the couch and I caught my reflection in a mirror. There were a lot of framed mirrors in that area of the studio. It’s amazing I didn’t have more difficulty shooting around that spot.

There is one place when she is out on the sidewalk, in the finished production, I had edited in a heart-beat sound effect. I did that to mask the reality of us talking about where she could head and what she should do next. Just a little crazy giving direction with Amy standing on the side of the street without any clothes on! My intention during that whole episode was to keep the camera running and leave the video as it played out without chopping it up. So I only muted the sounds for a few frames where I needed to, and replaced with effects. In this clip, I am sharing that piece on the corner unedited.

Once again, the music used in this clip is provided by Peanuth O’Toole. I started with his piano track “Musings on a Starr” and placed the more upbeat “Brooklyn Shake” at the end.

The clip runs about 6 minutes, and can be downloaded at the link below.

Outtakes – Making a Memory




4 responses to “Outtakes Video: Making a Memory

  1. Hi I was wondering if this new Might project make two girls you were in your new video where either a pawnshop where a girl occupies money to pay a bill he insists his team and design that you can provide few dollars and you keep getting your jewelry gives everything to be completely naked

    • Hi katherine,

      Yes, any kind of situation where the girls are bargaining… making deals and have to sell off their clothes is great. I would enjoy making a story like that again. The reason I do different kinds of projects is because of the location. If I was shooting a video at a store, I would definitely do something like your idea. Next month, I will probably be outdoors again.

      Thanks for your suggestions!

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