Outtakes Video – Broken Lease

I have put together a clip of outtakes from the video with Danielle and Elena. This shows a little bit of the fun of shooting outdoors on a hot muggy afternoon, with Danielle slapping away various insects. There are a few takes I couldn’t use, such as when an annoying airplane was flying overhead. Also shared is an amusing moment when Elena discusses how to work the hose on Danielle.

The spot in the full video where Danielle walks around the house and suddenly squeals is because she stepped in an unseen patch of muddy grass. I left it in because her squeal of surprise was perhaps the best response of emotion in the whole video. The quick cut to the shot of her at the front of the house can be suggested she reacted to the possibility of being seen. But in this clip, I continue following her naked stroll around the property.

Finally, there was a spoken line by Danielle at the very end, but I decided to cut it from the finished video and close out with just the close up of her face.

For the music, I used the track “Elena Alone” by Peanuth O’Toole, since that was my favorite of the two. I love it as an opening. At the end of the clip, I fade out with the upbeat “Rental Revenge”.

Running time is 5 minutes.

Outtakes Video – Broken Lease





Broken Lease

Danielle is a landlady frustrated by her tenant, Elena. She has not paid her rent this month. The foxy brunette arrives at the house to confront her with the lease and about the missed payment. Furthermore, Danielle goes on to reveal that she is throwing out Elena, and already has new people lined up to rent her place. The only problem is, Elena comes back and seeks to extract as much embarrassment as she can on her former landlady.

When I first came up with the idea for this video, as mentioned in my previous post, I was planning to cast Jackie Stevens as the tenant who is late with her rent. My intention was always to keep Danielle as the woman in charge. And she would make Jackie sell off her clothes and perform other tasks, in order to stay at the house. In other words, it would have been the tenant who was the target of embarrassing nudity.

With the change of the script, I placed the shoe on the other foot, so to speak. Keeping Danielle as the landlady, but now she would be the one to feel the wrath of an upset tenant. The concept was always going to be about one-sided nudity, one lady getting the better of the other.

I don’t know if Danielle watches wrestling, but I was trying to get her to channel Stephanie McMahon for her character in the video. A ruthless, conniving authority figure who delights in having others under her power. In this case, it is a great setup for a reversal of fortunes, when Elena seeks revenge on the young woman. For her part, I though Danielle played this well. With an evil little laugh and a cute smile.

However, Danielle is a bit frightened of bugs, if we recall from her production at the college last August. And there were a few buzzing around outside this day as well. So there are some rough cuts as we moved around the property.  The highlight of course is once Danielle is fully naked, making her way through the remaining scenes, leading up to a big finish.

Music is provided by Peanuth O’Toole, including a track called “Rental Revenge”, inspired by the 90’s rock musical Rent.  This is featured at the beginning of the video as well as during the end credits. There is also a piece called “Elena Alone”, which is completely awesome and used for the scene when she is leaving the house. Appropriately slow and dramatic, it would make fine opening set of chords for a power ballad.

The full video runs just under 12 minutes and is available at my clips4sale store.




Something Old, Something New

Earlier this month I was talking about contacting some models I have not worked with in a while, to try and bring them back for another production. At the same time, I mentioned I would like to work with some new talent. With that in mind, I went about placing a casting call as well as reaching out to a few ladies, who it turns out are not in the area at the moment. Then, in the process of reviewing some possible candidates, I realized that the person who would be perfect for the story I had in mind, was Jackie Stevens.

So I contacted Jackie and asked if she could shoot this weekend. She said she would love to, and we talked about some details confirming the shoot.  Then I had the idea that it could be great to team up Jackie with none other than Danielle. I believe Danielle could learn a lot from the more experienced, highly professional Jackie. Such a pairing would bring out the best in Danielle, in regards to her performance. It would be brilliant. She was all on board for it and we were set to shoot this Saturday.

However, the next day Jackie informed me that she messed up her calendar and that she was in fact going to be away this weekend. Unfortunately, this is the only time I had to use the location. She was very apologetic, and we are probably going to work again later in the summer. But for the meantime, I went about placing a second casting call to fill the other part opposite Danielle.

I was not satisfied with the response, and also running out of time to book something. Danielle told me she could get a friend to participate in the video again. That would be a big help, and I just had to adjust my storyline a little. Where I planned on Danielle being an antagonist for Jackie, I now changed it to a revenge plot. Danielle would be on the receiving end of embarrassment from the returning Elena.

The characters they play are not meant to be the same friends as their previous two videos. (I had been hesitant about asking to use Elena to avoid any confusion.) I will go into more details about the concept when I post the video. Danielle would still get to play the same part I had planned, except going from being fully in control, to having the tables turned on her.

Here are some sample pictures taken on a hot summer afternoon.







Stay tuned!

The Empress Has No Clothes

Today the United States celebrates declaring its independence from an Empire. I thought I would have a little fun playing off the Hans Christian Andersen fable, “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. Of course, I adjusted the name in the post to Empress, which would be more topical for the purposes of this site.

For those who are not familiar, this was a tale about a leader who was so vain and self-absorbed, the Emperor agreed to let two tailors make him a splendid new outfit. It would have the peculiar property of appearing invisible to anyone who was “unfit for their position” or “hopelessly stupid” as the story goes. The ruse of course is that the tailors did not make an outfit, but performed a charade of measuring and fitting, then “dressing” the Emperor. When he appeared before his ministers, they said nothing and played along, for fear of being considered unfit for their positions.

Likewise, when the leader was paraded outside before the public, no one would dare point out the obvious. After all, his subjects would not wish to be labeled “hopelessly stupid” for not seeing the Emperor’s new clothes. Finally, it takes a truth-telling child to point out that the Emperor is in fact not wearing any clothes. From there, the charade cannot stand very much longer.

Besides being a wonderful metaphor for the times we live in, I thought it would also make a neat idea for a video, Narrow-minded Productions style. With an Empress as the title character, and even the Grimble Gang featured as the tailors.

Happy 4th of July!

July Update

Thanks to my back to back videos with Jackie Stevens and Amy Starr, respectively, June was a very good month for Narrow-minded Productions. I have been thinking about my next video. It is probably time again to feature two models/actresses in the same story, and I have a script in mind. Right now I am considering possible locations.

There also seems to be some shared interest in bringing back Aphrodite. I haven’t worked with her in a couple of years, but I will contact her to see if she is still active and would like to work on a project. The only issue is that she might not be right for the part. But I can work around that. Then it is a matter of casting her opposite another model.  For those who remember, Aphrodite’s initial appearance was with the more experienced Kerri Taylor. I think our curvy Latina did better in her solo performance.

But first things first. This could also be an opportunity to reach out and bring in two completely new models. I have been fortunate that for all the videos produced this year, the girls have contacted me looking to shoot. That makes my job easier, but it also means recycling a lot of familiar faces. Not that I mind any of their faces, I’m just thinking it is perhaps time to mix things up.

I will post more when I have some updated information.

Stay tuned!