July Update

Thanks to my back to back videos with Jackie Stevens and Amy Starr, respectively, June was a very good month for Narrow-minded Productions. I have been thinking about my next video. It is probably time again to feature two models/actresses in the same story, and I have a script in mind. Right now I am considering possible locations.

There also seems to be some shared interest in bringing back Aphrodite. I haven’t worked with her in a couple of years, but I will contact her to see if she is still active and would like to work on a project. The only issue is that she might not be right for the part. But I can work around that. Then it is a matter of casting her opposite another model.  For those who remember, Aphrodite’s initial appearance was with the more experienced Kerri Taylor. I think our curvy Latina did better in her solo performance.

But first things first. This could also be an opportunity to reach out and bring in two completely new models. I have been fortunate that for all the videos produced this year, the girls have contacted me looking to shoot. That makes my job easier, but it also means recycling a lot of familiar faces. Not that I mind any of their faces, I’m just thinking it is perhaps time to mix things up.

I will post more when I have some updated information.

Stay tuned!

8 responses to “July Update

    • I was thinking of some possible models I haven’t worked with in a while, who would be fun to bring back. Alicia Sirabella was another, or Suzann. Then there are the girls like Briella Jaden who have just had unfortunate timing issues. It’s been over 2 years since I worked with her. Jade Indica, maybe?

      • I’d love to see Jordana again. Also, have you ever considered working with models Kobe Lee and/or Candle Boxxx? I’ve seen them in some other videos and they were pretty good. I think it would be cool to see them in a Narrow-Minded production.

      • N.G., I LOVE Kobe Lee! But as far as I’m aware, she works mostly in the south. I thought I read she was Georgia based. Although these girls are always moving around. I wish we had a chance to hook up at some point in her career.

      • Well, couldn’t hurt to contact her, right? Maybe a lucky break for the future. Perhaps not the immediate future, or even the near future, but it can still lead to something.

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