The Empress Has No Clothes

Today the United States celebrates declaring its independence from an Empire. I thought I would have a little fun playing off the Hans Christian Andersen fable, “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. Of course, I adjusted the name in the post to Empress, which would be more topical for the purposes of this site.

For those who are not familiar, this was a tale about a leader who was so vain and self-absorbed, the Emperor agreed to let two tailors make him a splendid new outfit. It would have the peculiar property of appearing invisible to anyone who was “unfit for their position” or “hopelessly stupid” as the story goes. The ruse of course is that the tailors did not make an outfit, but performed a charade of measuring and fitting, then “dressing” the Emperor. When he appeared before his ministers, they said nothing and played along, for fear of being considered unfit for their positions.

Likewise, when the leader was paraded outside before the public, no one would dare point out the obvious. After all, his subjects would not wish to be labeled “hopelessly stupid” for not seeing the Emperor’s new clothes. Finally, it takes a truth-telling child to point out that the Emperor is in fact not wearing any clothes. From there, the charade cannot stand very much longer.

Besides being a wonderful metaphor for the times we live in, I thought it would also make a neat idea for a video, Narrow-minded Productions style. With an Empress as the title character, and even the Grimble Gang featured as the tailors.

Happy 4th of July!

24 responses to “The Empress Has No Clothes

    • One possibility is that I might try to produce this is a theatre, on a stage. That way it would be more like a school play. These are just thoughts as I am kicking around the idea.


      • There were a few bawdy pantomimes ( such as
        “Sinderella Live” & “Pussy in Boots” during the 1990’s & “released on home video for your viewing pleasure”. Sadly these died out now that wholesome Hollywood stars have decided to cash in on there stardom, like David Hasselhoff & Pamela Anderson. ;D

    • Well, I am still in the planning stages, as this would be a future project, not the immediate one I am working on. In my mind, I kind of see Sativa as the ultimate Empress. But it would depend on who is available at the time I am looking to shoot the video.

  1. Hmm, considering how some people can be so vain. What about other actresses being cast as some members of the Empress’s court, who ALSO insist on wearing the same outfit?
    I’d endorse that.
    Kind of a ‘keeping up with the Empress’ type of video.

    • Hi John,

      That is a great idea! It would certainly be entertaining to get more ladies into the fold, so to speak. But sticking to the original source material, something to keep in mind is the impact of one-sided nudity and how it enhances the embarrassment factor.

      Nevertheless, a whole court of ladies wearing “invisible” clothes manufactured by the Grimble Gang is well-worth considering.


      • Another idea is that the Empress is getting married and wants to play a trick on her ‘fawning’ bridesmaids. She orders them to wear new outfits. I’d be interested in checking out that ‘measuring and fitting scene’.

        Or, you could have the Empress like a uniform so much that she likes the idea of her personal guard being outfitted in it.

  2. For completely unknown reason I think that the outfit worn by the Empress will be different from the one worn by Denise Van Outen in “Fairy Tales: Season 1, Episode 3 – The Empress’s New Clothes”….0…1ac.1.48.img..0.7.771.ZwXyXGpIZSk&gws_rd=ssl#q=denise+van+outen+the+Empress’s+New+Clothes&tbm=isch

  3. Any chance the empress will end up really liking her new outfit, and we’ll get a scene like the end of After School Special or My College Intern?

    • That would depend on who I get to play the Empress! I don’t mind exploring some themes and variations on the original story, but it will probably focus more on the embarrassment part.

  4. Or you could have the emperor’s daughter sneak into the throne room, and imagine ruling her fathers empire.
    She ends up proudly strutting around nude, except the Emperor comes back, with his advisors, and she hears him say, “Why do you think you will be in charge, You’ve lost all your clothes?”

  5. I would just like to stress the importance of costuming for this story (if you end up doing it).

    Please make sure the empress actually looks like an empress (before she loses her clothes), and not just a prom queen.

    She should look like this:

    Not this:

    • There are a few ways I could go with this. if I wanted top production values, then the dress in your first picture would be outstanding. But I could also consider doing this story as an “updated” contemporary retelling. After all, the original tale was a fine piece of satire. In which case, I might have the Empress in a smart business suit.

      But more likely, it would come down to having the right leading lady for the project. Someone I could trust to help out with the wardrobe, within the scope of the video budget.

      As for the second picture, the one on the left in green is kind of cute…


  6. If you go down the “updated” contemporary retelling route why not have “The Empress Has No Clothes!” as the final line by a character who has just walked in to see a naked female boss/Empress at the end of the video.

    As you know I am a member of several Yahoo Groups & the above discussions have reminded me of a few stories.
    Dallas Strip Strike
    There was a real strike at a factory in Dallas “Lorch Manufacturing 1935 strike”. Several female workers were protesting outside the factory gates & mistook several innocent female passersby as non union replacements. As you can see from the illustrations the unlucky passerby were caught, stripped & spanked.

    09 Business woman
    This is a ficticious tale about an evil business woman but would be interesting to see a version of this acted out on live action video.
    I think that line would be perfect for this kind of situation.

    I was just checking that I hadn’t posted the above (& I had) somewhere else before & found this story in OCC.

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