Something Old, Something New

Earlier this month I was talking about contacting some models I have not worked with in a while, to try and bring them back for another production. At the same time, I mentioned I would like to work with some new talent. With that in mind, I went about placing a casting call as well as reaching out to a few ladies, who it turns out are not in the area at the moment. Then, in the process of reviewing some possible candidates, I realized that the person who would be perfect for the story I had in mind, was Jackie Stevens.

So I contacted Jackie and asked if she could shoot this weekend. She said she would love to, and we talked about some details confirming the shoot.  Then I had the idea that it could be great to team up Jackie with none other than Danielle. I believe Danielle could learn a lot from the more experienced, highly professional Jackie. Such a pairing would bring out the best in Danielle, in regards to her performance. It would be brilliant. She was all on board for it and we were set to shoot this Saturday.

However, the next day Jackie informed me that she messed up her calendar and that she was in fact going to be away this weekend. Unfortunately, this is the only time I had to use the location. She was very apologetic, and we are probably going to work again later in the summer. But for the meantime, I went about placing a second casting call to fill the other part opposite Danielle.

I was not satisfied with the response, and also running out of time to book something. Danielle told me she could get a friend to participate in the video again. That would be a big help, and I just had to adjust my storyline a little. Where I planned on Danielle being an antagonist for Jackie, I now changed it to a revenge plot. Danielle would be on the receiving end of embarrassment from the returning Elena.

The characters they play are not meant to be the same friends as their previous two videos. (I had been hesitant about asking to use Elena to avoid any confusion.) I will go into more details about the concept when I post the video. Danielle would still get to play the same part I had planned, except going from being fully in control, to having the tables turned on her.

Here are some sample pictures taken on a hot summer afternoon.







Stay tuned!

12 responses to “Something Old, Something New

  1. I was reading a comedy that seems like a good project helmhood is a girl who works in sales computer but at the time was he talking to her friend on the phone and he designed that if he saw the pictures that went up entonses sounds the phone from her job and design that is interested in an item you saw in the store and design if you only put buy but what they do not know is that every picture I sent her friend computer we ascended to the sales page and when finished uploading the last picture the buyer buys everything and when the end customer to buy what they ascended the worker opens the sales page and see the pictures that I send is what the buy and realizes that he is late to cancel your purchase and package you have no choice but to your clothes and send to the office and living far as having to leave the office completely naked and get home and finally look at the phone and realizes he had opened the page of your traajo and photos the was sending his job and her friend

    • Hi katherine,

      If I read correctly, I think you mean a story about a girl who uploads her pictures to the sales computer at a store where she works. And a customer selects all her clothes as items to buy. She is left with no choice but to package everything she is wearing, since it was too late to cancel the order, and the purchases have been made.

      Sounds like a neat idea. The video shoot I did today, I had wanted to include one girl buying or selling her clothes to the other girl, but I had to change the story around a little because of the models.


      • helmhood good night Might I ask if you wanted to sell your previous videos but for a paypal account that Disen me that I can not buy that no American citizen oy and also if you have the previous videos’d help me buy your videos but serious easier for my paypal please help if thanks

    • As a matter of fact, I did for this shoot. But she is out of town. I am hoping to continue the trend of the past two years, of her returning for a production or two.

  2. Love the pic of Danielle with the water can. An instant ENF classic right up there with Jordana and the plastic pumpkin

    • Hi Kevin,

      Thank you very much! You’ll notice that particular photo was cropped. It’s because of course I caught my reflection in the glass windows. I thought about also cropping the other side, to make it a more narrow (no pun intended) image. But decided, I might as well leave the house and property to give the picture some context.

      I hope you will enjoy the video!

  3. Hey folks, just a quick update. I do not expect to post the video today. Having shot it last Saturday, a seven day turnaround was going to be tough. I am almost finished. However, it will be more like the end of the weekend, if I can get enough time at my work computer, or early next week.

    Stay tuned!

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