Broken Lease

Danielle is a landlady frustrated by her tenant, Elena. She has not paid her rent this month. The foxy brunette arrives at the house to confront her with the lease and about the missed payment. Furthermore, Danielle goes on to reveal that she is throwing out Elena, and already has new people lined up to rent her place. The only problem is, Elena comes back and seeks to extract as much embarrassment as she can on her former landlady.

When I first came up with the idea for this video, as mentioned in my previous post, I was planning to cast Jackie Stevens as the tenant who is late with her rent. My intention was always to keep Danielle as the woman in charge. And she would make Jackie sell off her clothes and perform other tasks, in order to stay at the house. In other words, it would have been the tenant who was the target of embarrassing nudity.

With the change of the script, I placed the shoe on the other foot, so to speak. Keeping Danielle as the landlady, but now she would be the one to feel the wrath of an upset tenant. The concept was always going to be about one-sided nudity, one lady getting the better of the other.

I don’t know if Danielle watches wrestling, but I was trying to get her to channel Stephanie McMahon for her character in the video. A ruthless, conniving authority figure who delights in having others under her power. In this case, it is a great setup for a reversal of fortunes, when Elena seeks revenge on the young woman. For her part, I though Danielle played this well. With an evil little laugh and a cute smile.

However, Danielle is a bit frightened of bugs, if we recall from her production at the college last August. And there were a few buzzing around outside this day as well. So there are some rough cuts as we moved around the property.  The highlight of course is once Danielle is fully naked, making her way through the remaining scenes, leading up to a big finish.

Music is provided by Peanuth O’Toole, including a track called “Rental Revenge”, inspired by the 90’s rock musical Rent.  This is featured at the beginning of the video as well as during the end credits. There is also a piece called “Elena Alone”, which is completely awesome and used for the scene when she is leaving the house. Appropriately slow and dramatic, it would make fine opening set of chords for a power ballad.

The full video runs just under 12 minutes and is available at my clips4sale store.




7 responses to “Broken Lease

  1. This ended with the perfect scenario for a sequel. Just a suggestion but maybe the next time you could have Danielle get revenge on Elena. I would love to see Elena naked again anyway.

    • Hi Mike,

      Yes that does seem to set up nicely for Danielle to track down and get back at her former tenant, Elena. I know people probably would have liked to see her appear nude in this video. She had a nice reaction to her first time back in April. So that could be something in the works.


      • I’m having trouble downloading this video, I get directed to page where I’m asked to install some downloading software instead of the video file. Is there anyone that knows what I did wrong?

      • Make sure you click on the box that says “Click Here to Start Download from Sendspace”

        Not the little link below that says “download with wizard”

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