Outtakes Video – Broken Lease

I have put together a clip of outtakes from the video with Danielle and Elena. This shows a little bit of the fun of shooting outdoors on a hot muggy afternoon, with Danielle slapping away various insects. There are a few takes I couldn’t use, such as when an annoying airplane was flying overhead. Also shared is an amusing moment when Elena discusses how to work the hose on Danielle.

The spot in the full video where Danielle walks around the house and suddenly squeals is because she stepped in an unseen patch of muddy grass. I left it in because her squeal of surprise was perhaps the best response of emotion in the whole video. The quick cut to the shot of her at the front of the house can be suggested she reacted to the possibility of being seen. But in this clip, I continue following her naked stroll around the property.

Finally, there was a spoken line by Danielle at the very end, but I decided to cut it from the finished video and close out with just the close up of her face.

For the music, I used the track “Elena Alone” by Peanuth O’Toole, since that was my favorite of the two. I love it as an opening. At the end of the clip, I fade out with the upbeat “Rental Revenge”.

Running time is 5 minutes.

Outtakes Video – Broken Lease





5 responses to “Outtakes Video – Broken Lease

  1. Elena’s acting left something to be desired, and the timing was off on some of the jokes. Overall, not the best video, but I still enjoyed the story of Danielle’s character getting a comeuppance.

    • Yes, my thoughts exactly. I don’t know why Elena was flat that day, although she wasn’t my first choice to use for the part. However, I could not have done this story without a second actress. I still think her best performance was the Halloween video, when she was put on the spot to play a supporting role. Maybe since then she has felt more pressure being featured along with Danielle.

      For her part, I thought Danielle did good to very good… up until the stripping scene. Again, I don’t know why she suddenly got non-responsive when it came time for her nudity. I blame the bugs.

      The story and set-up, I really enjoyed putting together, and for about the first 8 minutes or so, I was happy with the way it was going. From there, it becomes a matter of watching naked Danielle scamper about.

      Thanks for the feedback!

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