Jenna goes Jogging – ENF cartoon/comic

As some of you may know, I was drawn into this business from my interest in “stripping naked” stories on the internet. Following characters like Jenny and Mindy the Exhibitionist, and of course Ann Berrybush. Before I started my first film project, I tried my hand at some light-hearted ENF fiction of my own. And right around the time I released the Babysitting Without a Net DVD, I was contacted by Jenna Burlinksi. I found her to be quite the inspiration, and went on to compose numerous stories over the years featuring her as the main character.

In 2010, I wrote a story called “Jenna goes Jogging”. It involves the character she developed, Timmy, her manipulative and dominating teenage neighbor. Recently, I was in contact with an artist to collaborate on a comic-style interpretation of this story.

Jay Jay works in the Kisekae program, which is like a doll-maker game, allowing to pose various figures on different backgrounds, and then add in speech bubbles or other creative effects. The style is somewhat reminiscent of anime, so it comes off as cute and funny at the same time. It might not be to everyone’s tastes, but I like it. You can find more of Jay Jay’s work on his DeviantArt page under the name ENKisekae.

What is really great is that while cartoonish, the depiction of Jenna is pretty accurate, with regard to her body-type and the way she wears her hair. As is the nature of this animation, the eyes can get exaggerated, but I still find the whole concept adorable.

I have pieced together the individual panels of the finished comic, and arranged as a slide show in video format. Each clip runs 7 seconds, which should be enough time to read the text and enjoy the visuals. Some scenes fade in and out. It’s not meant to be an over the top production, but something fun and entertaining. Watching from start to finish, the entire video would run 9 minutes, 19 seconds.

The file can be downloaded at the link below:

Jenna goes Jogging – Comic

I would be interested to hear people’s thoughts, in general, if this is something you would like to see more of. Obviously, not to take away from my video productions. However, I enjoy sharing some of my previously written stories in a visual context. The benefit of cartoons and animation is that it is much easier to script outrageous locations, scenarios, and a diverse cast of characters.



August Update

Hey everyone,

I wanted to share in this update that July 2014 established a new record for monthly views on this blog. We broke through the 18,000 mark for the first time. At 18,776 views, this beats the last August’s number of 16,062, which in turn had narrowly eclipsed September of 2012.

I’m not sure I can put a finger on the reason for the spike in attention. There was some good discussion about the Empress with no clothes at the beginning of the month. Then I announced my shoot would be with Danielle, the following week. The simple fact of the matter is Danielle remains one of the more popular models I have worked with and her videos are top sellers. I expect to work with her again before long.

Having said that, after missing the opportunity to work with Jackie Stevens last time, we were just in contact the other day. My intention is to bring her back for my next production. Whether I team her up with another model, or do another solo story, that remains to be seen.

Stay tuned!