August Update

Hey everyone,

I wanted to share in this update that July 2014 established a new record for monthly views on this blog. We broke through the 18,000 mark for the first time. At 18,776 views, this beats the last August’s number of 16,062, which in turn had narrowly eclipsed September of 2012.

I’m not sure I can put a finger on the reason for the spike in attention. There was some good discussion about the Empress with no clothes at the beginning of the month. Then I announced my shoot would be with Danielle, the following week. The simple fact of the matter is Danielle remains one of the more popular models I have worked with and her videos are top sellers. I expect to work with her again before long.

Having said that, after missing the opportunity to work with Jackie Stevens last time, we were just in contact the other day. My intention is to bring her back for my next production. Whether I team her up with another model, or do another solo story, that remains to be seen.

Stay tuned!


2 responses to “August Update

  1. This sounds good. Jackie Stevens is definitely my favorite. If you team her up with another model, I think one sided nudity will increase the embarrassment for Jackie’s character. Jackie in that embarrassment being laughed of buy a clothed women would make an excellent video. Maybe the other model can
    tease her about her big backside.
    Buy the way, where are you in the full length film project now? Is it on hold? It would be great to se a full length film of this genre, like babysitting without a net. A girl being stripped buy one or two or whatever other girls in a full length film would really be fun to watch.

    • Hi Wildbury,

      The full length film, and one of the reasons for the delay, is that I planned on having more than just one or two girls stripping the main character. There were going to be extras, and multiple locations as the story plays out. I’ve been developing the ideas, now I just need to figure how to make it all work together.

      As for Jackie, I would very much like to get her on camera with another girl, to play up the part of a teasing friend or antagonist. Jackie’s bottom is such an inviting target, and also one of her best features.


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