Jenna goes Jogging – ENF cartoon/comic

As some of you may know, I was drawn into this business from my interest in “stripping naked” stories on the internet. Following characters like Jenny and Mindy the Exhibitionist, and of course Ann Berrybush. Before I started my first film project, I tried my hand at some light-hearted ENF fiction of my own. And right around the time I released the Babysitting Without a Net DVD, I was contacted by Jenna Burlinksi. I found her to be quite the inspiration, and went on to compose numerous stories over the years featuring her as the main character.

In 2010, I wrote a story called “Jenna goes Jogging”. It involves the character she developed, Timmy, her manipulative and dominating teenage neighbor. Recently, I was in contact with an artist to collaborate on a comic-style interpretation of this story.

Jay Jay works in the Kisekae program, which is like a doll-maker game, allowing to pose various figures on different backgrounds, and then add in speech bubbles or other creative effects. The style is somewhat reminiscent of anime, so it comes off as cute and funny at the same time. It might not be to everyone’s tastes, but I like it. You can find more of Jay Jay’s work on his DeviantArt page under the name ENKisekae.

What is really great is that while cartoonish, the depiction of Jenna is pretty accurate, with regard to her body-type and the way she wears her hair. As is the nature of this animation, the eyes can get exaggerated, but I still find the whole concept adorable.

I have pieced together the individual panels of the finished comic, and arranged as a slide show in video format. Each clip runs 7 seconds, which should be enough time to read the text and enjoy the visuals. Some scenes fade in and out. It’s not meant to be an over the top production, but something fun and entertaining. Watching from start to finish, the entire video would run 9 minutes, 19 seconds.

The file can be downloaded at the link below:

Jenna goes Jogging – Comic

I would be interested to hear people’s thoughts, in general, if this is something you would like to see more of. Obviously, not to take away from my video productions. However, I enjoy sharing some of my previously written stories in a visual context. The benefit of cartoons and animation is that it is much easier to script outrageous locations, scenarios, and a diverse cast of characters.



34 responses to “Jenna goes Jogging – ENF cartoon/comic

    • That is correct… Jackie is very similar in terms of her appearance. In fact, when I did “Feels Like Floating” I was planning to borrow elements from this story. I did that video in February, so any outdoor scenes were ruled out. But had even initially considered making the story “Jackie goes Jogging”. Love to see her butt in motion!

      • That would be a great video. Jackie jogging bottomless or naked outside. Btw are you making a video with jackie this month?

      • That is my plan right now, maybe toward the later part of this month.

        Don’t forget, Jackie was naked outside in “Birds of a Feather”! But more of her is always a good thing.

    • Oh, I completely understand. The one advantage of the slide show, is that the original form was 14 parts, each “page” containing 5 or 6 of these panels on top of one another. So to view it, you have to open the .png file and likely zoom in, then scroll down as you are reading. Actively doing this for each part of the comic. With a video, you can sit back and watch… maybe pause during the scenes that are worth a linger over, ha ha!

      But all the parts as images are available on Deviantart, under ENKisekae.

  1. I did have an idea that might suit jogging but I know that once your female characters are naked they stay naked until the end of the video.

    This idea is based of a series of photos of Michaela UK MILF Housewive there was a video of this as well but I lost it & the link for it is dead in forum I first found it in.


    Here is my story idea. A young executive/business woman wants to lose some weight & tone up before swimsuit season but cannot afford to go to the gym/exercise class. Plus she has applied for a loan & strict new rules that have come in due to the current global financial downturn mean that any unnecessary expenditure. She decide to take up jogging instead.

    She buy a pair of running shoes, a sports top & matching shoes. Parks her car in a car park at the end of a running trail. There is nobody about (or is there) so thinks it is safe to change from her business suit into her new sports clothes. (Strips like Michaela & start to change into the running shoes, top & shorts) Midway through changing her phone rings. She answers it. She still has the thong she was wearing in her hand & beings twirling it around as she talks on the phone. Phone call ends. Thong still in hand she absent mindedly smells it. Cann’t believe she did that & throughs it over with the other clothes she took off. Forgetting to put on the shorts. She has no bum bag or backpack so after locking the car she puts the car key in a hide a key under car (checking that there is no one around). Starts of her run not releasing that she is bottomless. The top is far too small & splits. She loses one shoe in mud & the other one falls apart because it is a cheap knock off. Returns to the car park & now her car is gone.

    • That is great, elaine. I absolutely love “oblivious” nudity, so the part that stood out for me was the woman getting distracted after removing her thong, and then proceeding to go on her run in a bottomless state. Completely unaware until it is too late. I need to do more of that sort of thing.


      • Speaking of “oblivious” nudity I heard a tall tale about a female genisus Chess Grandmaster who was so unaware of anything but chess problems that her parents had to employer a “minder” to make sure she was safe outside there home.

        Sorry about the spelling mistakes but I was too exicited about the story & “autocorrect” only somethings works on comments & forums in Mozilla Firefox for me.

  2. Good video, although I must admit I’m not a huge fan of manipulative and dominating characters who force people to go naked. It seems too mean spirited. I like lighthearted nudity, especially the “oblivious” nudity kind. That’s why I have an interactive story on called The Naked Adventures of Forgetful Lilly.

    • Thanks, Voltros. Keep in mind, some of these stories and characters often have an undercurrent theme of the “victim” secretly enjoying her embarrassment.

  3. May I make for few suggestions if you make a similar live action version. What if Timmy or similar character always arrives with an ominous/mysterious item like a bag (there are 10,113 results for “hello kitty bag” on Amazon UK) like the evil or enf/euf causing version of Mary Poppins’ bag. If anybody else but Jenna/similar character sees the bag in public they would just think it is a cute bag, but she would be afraid/embarrassed/exicited by it, worried that Timmy was about make her take part in something embarrassing.

    A longer suggestion might follow – be warning it is a long one.

    • Well I am interested in hearing about what you have in mind. That sounds like what I might call a “bag of tricks”. I love the imagery as the style used by Mary Poppins. And I imagine it would hold all sorts of embarrassing items. Or things that could lead to the character’s embarrassment. Kind of like a silent signal between the two, that Timmy is up for some fun at her expense.

  4. Just another quick one entittled “Last of the Summer Wine” but is completely different from

    Basically a young lady goes to the park has a picnic with some wine enjoying possiblely the last day of good summer sunshine. Starts to sunbath so removes her blouse & skirt kicking off her shoes. She still has a bikini on which ties by strings. After tanning for a while she turns over onto her front but doesn’t want tanlines as she has a backless dress to wear for an evening event so takes off the top. A mysterious figure sees she has fallen asleep & helps her with the problem of tanlines but slowly & carefully removing the bikini bottom. Now the mysterious figure sees the “No Littering” sign & decides to help out the park staff but gathering up the young lady’s things – taking them away. Sleeping beauty wakes up & you can guess the rest.

    I know this is very similar to “Jenna at the Beach” but that was 2 gorgeous girls not 1 & it was at the beach not a park. Plus you wrote “I have to say, this is one of my personal favorites as far as videos I’ve made.” Not forgetting how good a certain “Angel” looks in & out of a bikini & in a park

    Don’t forget my usual warning about adult sites & there links.

    • That’s a younger, more wild Danielle. Thanks for sharing the links, some great photo sets there.

      I like your idea based off the Last of the Summer Wine. Was actually thinking of The Wine Tasting, but I see the Beach reference with the bikini removal.

  5. May I make for few suggestions if you make a similar live action version.

    What if instead of Timmy telling Jenna “I want you to run through the school and meet me on the other side, try to be quick… I might “misplace” your clothes if you take too long”, he says to her that she looks like a “very dirty girl”. Jenna just thinks he means the soles of her feet (as she was told to take off her shoes before climbing the monkey bars) & her hands & any other part might be dirty from the playground. Timmy tells her that she might get a “new outfit” if she cleans herself up. Convinced Timmy has new “dress” for her in his bag, Jenna start to head to the girls/ladies locker room. Timmy shouts “STOP! Where do you think you are going?” Jenna tries to explain she was just trying to clean up as he had just told her too. But Timmy asks “How will I be able to check you have cleaned yourself enough for a “new outfit” I cannot go into the girls/ladies. You will have to go into the boys’ locker room.” Jenna is deeply embarrassed by this idea, but knows better than to argue. She turns & enters the boys locker room. She start to notice that the boys smells alot different from the girls/ladies that is is used to. It seems like a cliché but when she opened the door to the girls everything was pink but now the boys everything is blue. After entering the shower area Jenna is handed a course brush, very hard disinfectant bar of soap & loofah but no towel – not even a small face cloth. The she is ordered to stand exactly under the middle shower head. She also finds out that she cannot control the hot/cold water from where she has been told to stand – but Timmy can. This control means that if Timmy doesn’t think Jenna is scrubbing hard enough/spending too much or too little time on one part of her “dirty wet” naked body he can turn off the hot/cold water making Jenna jump & scream. Which makes Timmy very happy. Finally Timmy gets bored, looks at his watch, this tells Jenna to give him back the soap, brush & loofah. Then tells her to spend another few minutes rinsing her self off as how she somehow managed to lather up the very hard disinfectant bar of soap. Timmy explains he doesn’t want Jenna to use the foam/lather as a pretend bikini, which would ruin the look of her “new outfit”. She does this. Then she is told to stop & lay face down on the shower/locker room floor with her hands behind her back. Timmy turns off the water completely but not before adjusting the hot/cold water a few more times. He reaches into his bag. Pulls something out of it. Jenna cannot see what it is until she feel a steel bracelet snap onto one wrist then the other. She is now naked, wet & handcuffed in a school (where she doesn’t belong) face down on the boys shower/locker room floor & completely at Timmy’s mercy. He bends down & whispers in her ear. “Now listen very carefully I will only say this once. I am going to leave now. I want you to slowly countdown from 500. After that you will stand up, leave this room & meet me outside, where you will be wearing your new outfit for the rest of this day. Now I only want you to say Yes or No if you have understood this.” Jenna quickly replies “Yes.” Timmy leaves Jenna counts down. Because the tiled floor & Jenna are so slippery when wet, that she cannot stand up so has crawl on her belly out of the shower area into the well worn carpeted changing section & managed to stand up. Move towards the door into the hallway praying no one sees her. Nervously walks to the exit. A few feet from the exit Timmy is standing there waiting. Asks her what took her so long – if she had been one minute later he would have left. Exhausted asks where her “new outfit” is? Timmy starts to explain. “You are wearing your “birthday suit” & a “suit” is a type of outfit & it is “new” because I had you scrub so many layers of skin that you are now “red raw” instead of tanned, & the handcuff look good on you as jewellery.

    Before Jenna can scream & kick Timmy for tricking her into that humiliating but somehow enjoyable display in the shower – a car (with lots more behind it) pulls into the car park of the school.

    Timmy asks Jenna does she want to continue jogging or does she want to go to jail “where you will be wearing your new outfit for the rest of this day.”

    The both run away from the school but towards future adventures.

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