September Update

Hey everyone,

I had some things come up last month, which prevented me from scheduling my next video project. Hopefully everything will be back on track in September. I figured the next post I make that is not related to new content, some people might start to wonder what is going on. So this is just to say I will plan for something later this month.

Stay tuned!

22 responses to “September Update

  1. I have a school based idea featuring Sandra as a very strict teacher with unusual ideas about punishment. Danielle & her sister as the pupils – they are twins in real life. I haven’t written all the details yet (I only thought of this idea a few hours ago) but of course one is a mature &very goody goody – the other is a “wild child”, with differing styles of dress.

    I cann’t remember whether Danielle & her sister both have tattoos & piercings or not. I they do are they matching?

    • I would like to work with Sandra again, she is sexy. In fact, she was one of the models I contacted back at the beginning of July, but she was out of town.

      Actually, I have never met Danielle’s sister, and we have never really discussed it. Sure, would be incredible to get the two of them on camera. I will have to ask her next time.

  2. hello helmhood
    helmhood hello how are you because you do a video as holiday hotline but this time a girl lawyer who should pay what is bought in a catalog of clothing and accessories but I did not know is that I send a financial message had to do payment in less than an hour online or financial collect all the goods wherever you are and how their business is handled by phone could not read the entonses message knocks on the door and comes a lady and her designs that can happen and you design if that I can help you and your lender may design that has an order to take all that client does not pay and the lawyer would design if that design later have the right to take any merchandise that does not pay and if not copera I’ll support you ok entonses financial and lawyer so go ahead pick what you need to collect and design if that’s all but you have to take a call and judge but you can not hang out this at home and grabbing what is financial departure is on a box and enters the lawyer and he sees that the design shows entonses expected to sign the document and signs it and entonses lawyer financial empiesa to collect everything nonpayment leaving her completely naked and ends when the call will also pick up the phone and it happened that design and design that she will sign and picked what nonpayment leaving her completely naked

    • Things are shaping up for me to make an update post on October 1, to say that things are shaping up to shoot that month, ha ha.

      Seriously, I am only waiting to confirm about a location, and then I will talk to Jackie. I do appreciate you checking in, everything is fine. It’s just been slow to pick up again with my regular production schedule.


      • Good to hear/read about the post & even better about Jackie!

        I have no suggestion for a video this time, but if you have a future video that is based around a costume/theme (eg Halloween/Christmas), why not have a poll for the costume (of course out of politeness checking the choices with the model/actress)?

      • That’s a good idea, and polls are always fun. I would have to see what costumes the girls already have in their wardrobe. Some of them could be quite creative.

        Was thinking about revisiting a Trick-or-Treat video for October, although I feel I have already done that scnario.

        Something playful and creative might be to have Jackie play the part of a witch, who has some trouble with her spells that results in loss of her clothing. Maybe she is an inexperienced witch, kind of like a Harry Potter parody.

  3. Love the Jackie using magic idea. A little suggestion? She casts a spell that removes everything she has on. The catch is it keeps happening to her at random, and she doesn’t know how to stop it.

    • I like the random part but what if it was parts of a lbd (little black dress) eg the length changes from maxi to mini; bottomless to topless; or even just the butt cheeks are exposed but Jackie thinks it is a sudden draft; or a hole appears exposing on breast, then the other or even just holes for both breasts but the rest of the dress is unaffected; & finally a some minor change like a sleeve is full lenght then elbow length & sleeveless. This effect would be time consuming but easily done with several similar black dresses.

      Just a quick suggestion I read Jackie’s model mayhem page yesterday & found out she appeared on Playboy TV – who isn’t thinking of Jackie as a Bunny Girl!?

    • That is a fun idea. I will try to work it into a possible story. Now I do have to ask Jackie what kind of costumes she has. I’m picturing black, and if she has one of the pointy hats that would be great. Maybe some playing around with a broom.

      • “Maybe some playing around with a broom.”

        I am not sure what you have watching on the internet?! ;D

        I checked some Ebay listings earlier & there seems to be as many zombie versions of female fancy dress as there are sexy versions. Therefore magic/spells/potions going wrong & turning into some other creature/monster at random for a few seconds is another idea.

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