Getting Comfortable

Of course it should be no secret that over the years, I have from time to time made “extra” videos to add to my personal collection. These are not intended for release, just some fun between me and girls. However, I came across this one tender moment with Jackie, after we had worked on “Feels like Floating”. She seems to need to rest for a moment and lay across my lap. Surely nothing would happen to that big curvy bottom. I’m only holding her in place as she stretches out, completely nude…

I’ll try to go through other never-before-seen clips and find screenshots that are suitable for sharing.


14 responses to “Getting Comfortable

  1. Wow. Was she really comfortable with that? Jackie as and the other girls you worked with doesn’t seem shy being willing to show themself completely naked on camera but I have to ask. Have it never happened that a girl you worked with was just a little embarrassed about being exposed on Internet although she did it any way? Any way it would be great to se jackie again. Are you stil shooting a video with her this month?

    • Well, Jackie and Sativa and the others are professional models, so I don’t think I have run into genuine embarrassment too often. Although Jackie has a certain self-awareness about her. I think she told me once that she would feel a little self-conscious walking around on a nude beach, for example. In other words, taken out of the usual modeling context.

      I would say the Suzann way back when was the only girl that was shy enough to be embarrassed about her internet exposure. A couple of girls had boyfriend issues down the road. That’s about it.

      Yes! Still planning to shoot this month. Should be able to confirm the details in a week or so.

  2. Great to see more Feels Like Floating stuff. It’s my favorite film of yours and I loved Jackie in it. I She’s a great actress and I would love to see her in more bottomless situations. Out of curiosity, have you thought of doing a movie where Jackie (or another model) spent a day bottomless by choice? My thought would be Jackie (or another model) get tired of wearing dress pants to work and when told they can’t wear jeans, decide to spice things up by going bottomless to work.

    • Hi Zane,

      Thanks and I do like the idea of bottomless at the office. It’s possible I might have a story where the girl consciously decides to go without pants, because she is feeling daring when no one is around. But then something happens to her clothes and the emotion would change to embarrassment and desperation. Either way, it is great to get someone like Jackie in such a state. In my upcoming video, I intend to feature more bottomless scenes.

      • Does anybody remember this episode of Friends Season 4, Episode 3
        The One with the ‘Cuffs.

        How about Jackie is handcuffed to her office chair by her boyfriend & leaves for lunch taking her skirt & panties with him, as punishment for saying she has to work rather than spend time with him. Of course here assistant (female) arrives back early.

        A twist being that the assistant is topless because she spiled something on her top. Hoping there is nobody in the office. She has washed her top which is now drying over a radiator.

        Naturally they both have some explaining to do to each other. (Fill in the blanks as I was hoping this would be a quick suggestion.)

        Things as further complicated when an email alert/reminder notification beeps. Reminding them there is an important meeting.

        Of course the only solution is for one woman to be fully clothed & the other to be naked. (More blanks to be filled in.)

      • That would make a great “2 girls in an office” video. I could see the girls getting into some kind of wager to see who will give the other her clothes. Or maybe it’s more of an “I owe you”, such as returning the favor for getting un-handcuffed. Lots of entertaining possibilities.

  3. Love Jackie’s rear end! I liked the ending to Feels Like Floating, it almost made her seem daring enough to go totally naked. That “character” should let the thrill get the better of her more often.

    • I just confirmed with Jackie to shoot next Sunday, October 26. (Scheduling has been tough!)

      I will still do a Halloween video, even though it will be an early November release. And I will post photos before then, with a special one at the end of the month. I’m thinking it should feature Jackie’s bottom, while she is totally naked.

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