The Witching Hour

I feel like this post should be delivered by the Crypt Keeper of “Tales from the Crypt” fame. Hello boils and ghouls…

It’s time for a Halloween classic!

Jackie Stevens is a young witch, preparing to meet at her coven for a presentation of her sorcerous skills. Naturally, she is nervous, and the curvy dark-haired lady decides to practice making one of her potions. However, it ends up having the side effect of causing all the clothes on her body start to disappear. Except for her witch’s hat. There must have been some magic in that old black hat she found. Undaunted, Jackie goes on to make the best of the situation.

I think Jackie does a wonderful performance here. The one thing that stands out for me is how little I need to feed lines to her. She is very good ad adlibbing and this is on display throughout. As a result, we have quite a build-up for the first part of the story, following the pattern of her previous videos. So the clothes do not start to come off until the end of the first half.

On the other hand, there is quite a lot to see in Part 2. One could even say Jackie builds up to a climactic finish.

The music provided by resident music maestro Peanuth O’Toole includes a title track called “The Naked Witch”. A variation of this track, sans cackling laughter in the middle part, is titled “Everything But the Broom” and is used to close out the video credits. Peanuth also shared with me some ambient sounds, thunder and Pyscho strings, etc. that I have dispersed in appropriate places.

Overall, I think this is a fun production. As an upfront disclaimer, no turtles or catfish were harmed in the making of this video. (As far as anyone knows…)

The running time is about 20 minutes, evenly divided into two acts. The full video can be found at my clips4sale store.


21 responses to “The Witching Hour

      • Oh right, I completely forgot about that, ha ha!

        I have to dig around to see if I can find the old video files from 2006. I could piece it together now in one clip and share that. I wasn’t even using Movie Maker at the time.

      • “The Magic Potion” was a simple video I did with shy Suzann back in 2006, when I was just getting started on my own. It’s very raw, and well, Suzann doesn’t truly show anything. When she loses her bra and panties in the last moments, she covers up with her hands.

        Actually, I think I took that part and used it near the end of the Job Interview.

        Anyway, the files are on another computer so I have to see about pulling them up.

  1. Hi Helmhood,

    I’m having a bit of trouble downloading this one, part 1 is downloading extremely slowly and part 2 comes up as a html document.

    • I had similar problems as well. Part one download took over an hour instead of the normal 20 to 25 minutes & part two kept stopping half way through. Eventually I had to use another operating system for another reason. After doing what I needed to do downloaded part two but it still took 1 hour & 10 minutes instead of my normal 20 to 25 minutes.

    • Something screwy happened with the sendspace links. It switched to the bandwidth-free, which means slow downloads and then you have to wait before downloading the next one. The html page probably had something to do with trying to download part 2 too soon.

      It sounds like I have to deactivate and re-upload. Although the files are definitely available, it just means waiting a while.

      I’ll try to fix this later today.

  2. I think this is the best Halloween video you have done.

    Just a couple of points. More could have been made of “How to impress Witches”/”How to Undress Witches”. When Jackie returned home from the coven, they could have been impressed about how committed she is to the coven by coming “sky clad” aka nude & now has to attend all meetings like this. (I think that I first heard this term during an episode of “Charmed”).

    I have a back story why Jackie wants to be a witch. Once upon a time, in a land far away (may “Jersey”) she was a sweet, innocent & the most gorgeous fairy in the land. Then one day she was happily walking throught the woods she was EUFed & ENFed by a gang – once she recovered she vowed revenge. Maybe some time in the future, when she tries a revenge spell on the gang – it rebounds & Jackie ends up bound in there liar waiting for something to happen that would occur in a Jade Indica video from for another company.

    • Thank you very much. I would put this one up at the top as well. I love Sativa and Jordana and the Grimble Gang, but Jackie really hit a home-run with this one.

      Your back story is great. She could be a Jersey fairy, or as the local legend has it, a Jersey devil. Having Jackie in a “Jade-from-another-company” style video would be pretty wild. Lots or rope and lube needed, hehe.

  3. hello Hood because you do a video like this Christmas Holiday Hotline and your videos that you do not have to lose clothes slowly and no town hall quickly as I would like to see one more time thanks Joe Flanagan

    • Hi,

      Back in May, my video with Jackie had her losing her clothes slowly. At least slower than this one. She had her clothes come off one by one as she was walking in the woods.

      This story was about magic, so it made her shoes and dress disappear quickly. Sometimes my videos are about long stripping, other times I get to the nudity quickly. It depends on the story and even the actress.

      Thank you for downloading and watching.

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  6. I purchased both parts. It was very cute and sexy. One thing I wold love to see is the naked girl at the meeting with all the other witches. Of course she’d be the only one naked. I understand that there would be a variety of obstacles. Getting everyone in the same place, same day, same time would probably be a challenge. Many models who gladly pose nude for a photographer might be uncomfortable when they are have to interact naked with a bunch of other clothed people. The other cast members might cost money I guess bu… shit you wouldn’t have to pay me to “act” alongside a pretty naked girl lol. I’d gladly volunteer, as would a lot of people. But there are other potential problems I suppose. Like… if the other cast members had a hard time keeping their hands off the naked girl lol

    • Hey,

      Thank you for the comments! I’m glad you enjoyed this one with Jackie. She did a great job, and it would have been fun to get her in a scene with multiple actors. I don’t usually involve extras specifically for the logistic reasons you mention. That even includes some models wanting a “closed” set, which makes it difficult to invite fans to participate.

      • Yes that’s pretty much what I thought and I do understand. And it wouldn’t have to be “fans” participating, per se. With the witch’s meeting, I could envision maybe including several other clothed females that the girl knows personally and trusts. I’m sure that kind of stuff is easier said that done though. 🙂

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