Happy Thanksgiving

Would anyone like some more of Jackie Stevens?

I have one additional bonus clip from my shoot last month. It seems I kept her naked a little longer after the main video. This is a fun bit with Jackie strolling around the house. Some amusing remarks from her, with possible innuendo, but I’ll leave that up to one’s imagination. Especially nice is filming her from behind.

The clip is just under 2 minutes, and I have brought back some old school Bach for the music, his Orchestral Suite No. 1. Because I’m sure Bach would enjoy Jackie’s full moon.

Jackie Bonus Clip




November News

In all the excitement of the past few weeks, I didn’t have time to mention some information about last month. To my surprise, I viewed the stats for this blog and found that October had 19,223 views. That breaks the record that was set only a few months back in July. I am excited for when we will push through the 20,000 milestone.

Although later than I would have liked, I believe the announcement of my shoot with Jackie Stevens was a big factor in driving traffic to the site. Interestingly there were just over a thousand views on November 1st, the day after I released the video.

I will also tease with this bit of information, not making any promises about a timetable to shoot. But Danielle contacted me again, this time saying her twin sister might be interested in working together with us.

Could be something to look forward to in the new year.

Stay tuned!

NMP OctStats


Holly and the Ivy

It is still a couple of weeks before we get into that season. Nevertheless, we are heading into the ten year anniversary of Babysitting Without a Net going into the pre-production stages. Elise Ivy, who plays the part of Louise, recently shared a photo taken while she was working on a new film. From what I understand, it is a dramatic role and nothing like this genre here. But I think she looks good. Even with all the models I have worked with since, Elise is probably the most adorable woman I met through this business.


And here is a photo of Elise where it almost looks like she could be naked, hehe…

(Love the bare shoulder, and cut off just above her chest!)


Now who is Holly and what did this post have to do with her? I don’t know, I just wanted an excuse to post pictures of Elise.


Outtakes Video – The Witching Hour

I have put together a clip of outtakes that runs about 6 and a half minutes. It breaks down into two parts. The first three minutes or so are some of the few times I had to give Jackie lines or tell her what to do. Really, this was quite rare, and only because I had a certain story structure I wanted to follow. The fact of the matter is, more often I only needed to set up the scene and Jackie would roll with it. The inclusion of these bits also gives me an excuse to share some extra moments when she is not wearing any clothes.

The second part of this clip takes place after the main shoot. Time for a little relaxation, and I have Jackie stretch out on the couch. Here we get to enjoy her smile and bottom, which is rather mesmerizing. She is also fun to just chat and hang out with.

Again, the music used come from Penauth O’Toole, “The Naked Witch” during the introduction and its variation “Everything But the Broom” at the end.


Outtakes – The Witching Hour