Outtakes Video – The Witching Hour

I have put together a clip of outtakes that runs about 6 and a half minutes. It breaks down into two parts. The first three minutes or so are some of the few times I had to give Jackie lines or tell her what to do. Really, this was quite rare, and only because I had a certain story structure I wanted to follow. The fact of the matter is, more often I only needed to set up the scene and Jackie would roll with it. The inclusion of these bits also gives me an excuse to share some extra moments when she is not wearing any clothes.

The second part of this clip takes place after the main shoot. Time for a little relaxation, and I have Jackie stretch out on the couch. Here we get to enjoy her smile and bottom, which is rather mesmerizing. She is also fun to just chat and hang out with.

Again, the music used come from Penauth O’Toole, “The Naked Witch” during the introduction and its variation “Everything But the Broom” at the end.


Outtakes – The Witching Hour


5 responses to “Outtakes Video – The Witching Hour

      • There are many viewers from around the world, so I hope you are not the only Latin American! It’s true, most of my international audience comes from Europe, especially the UK. But I have had responses from South America and Mexico as well.

        Thank you for watching, and glad you enjoyed the video.

    • I’m not sure yet. Danielle contacted me last week, and I have heard from Jackie as well, that she would like to shoot again. I need to see how things work out this month.

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