Holly and the Ivy

It is still a couple of weeks before we get into that season. Nevertheless, we are heading into the ten year anniversary of Babysitting Without a Net going into the pre-production stages. Elise Ivy, who plays the part of Louise, recently shared a photo taken while she was working on a new film. From what I understand, it is a dramatic role and nothing like this genre here. But I think she looks good. Even with all the models I have worked with since, Elise is probably the most adorable woman I met through this business.


And here is a photo of Elise where it almost looks like she could be naked, hehe…

(Love the bare shoulder, and cut off just above her chest!)


Now who is Holly and what did this post have to do with her? I don’t know, I just wanted an excuse to post pictures of Elise.


15 responses to “Holly and the Ivy

  1. I watched Elise Ivy in “I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell” on Netflix last Saturday & I do not recommend it. I gave it 2 stars out of 5. Basically this is a bad attempt at a rip off of the American Pie serie. Of course it only got the 2 stars because of the female characters/cast, I may even of given it more because of the female cast. but the male characters & the script was so terrible. Elise Ivy was realistic & believeable as the first person in the film to realise that the world would be better of without the main male character. It was a shame she only got 1 to 2 minutes of on screen time in this awful film.

    If you do watch this movie – watch the opening scene (for some reason viewers may want to watch this part again), skip to the first scene with Kristy (played by Keri Lynn Pratt) skip to the bar scene with Elise Ivy, skip to the strip club but fast forward through any part with the main male character. The strippers are great (acting & looks) but only strip down to bikinis/bra & panties. Marika Dominczyk is amazing in all her scenes. Skip to any/all the other scenes with Keri Lynn Pratt or Marika Dominczyk. The cameo with Traci Lords was good (& too short), but again I hated the main male character. Then stop & watch something else or just turn off your tv.


    I have only seen clips/trailers for “Baby Sitting Without A Net” but the acting by all the actresses was great.

    • Thank you for the review and synopsis, head’s up about the bad parts. I was chatting with Elise when she was working on this film.

      The LA independent movie scene is obviously tough to break into and get noticed. She has bounced around doing other projects. Her passion always seemed to be doing something with comedy.

      I still think Babysitting has showcased Elise the most, but I could be biased.

  2. This makes me think about something I have wondered about. Babysitting without a net is your only film where it’s one part that requires nudity and two other parts that don’t. And a lot of actresses auditioned for the parts of Amy and Louise. How was it for those two to play with Monica himelhebber in the nude scenes. I’m thinking because they would not play a part that requires nudity, did they tease Monica about being totally naked on the set? And how was that for Monica? Did she laugh with them a little about that situation?

    • Monica acted very natural, and is comfortable with her nudity. She’s been an artists model, and done nude scenes in other programs. So it probably did not bother her.

      At the time, Yara had done some b-horror movies. So she kind of fit in with the offbeat style of this film. Elise was drawn to the samples of the script she had read, because it was erotic and funny at the same time.

      The story I like to recall is during the cookie baking scene, when Elise pulls down Monica’s underwear from behind. She made a comment, “I am about to eat her ass!”

      I don’t know if there was so much teasing, but all the girls had a lot of fun.

      • Any way i think one or two actresses playing the parts of clothed girls stripping the third girl is very interesting. When you cast to girls for parts that doesn´t involve nudity and one actress plays a part that does requirer full nudity it really escalates the whole embarrassment factor and i think it makes the whole thing very realistic and interesting. I would love to see you make a film like that again. Any chance you might be dooing that soon?

      • Honestly, the next opportunity to do a full production with a cast of three would probably be later, more like in the Spring. That’s even if I go with a third model.

        If the circumstances were right, I would definitely do it, and produce a one-side story where only one actress loses her clothes. I have had a couple of those in the past, with just one other model involved and it does heighten the embarrassment level for the naked girl. I still believe Aphrodite was very self-conscious being nude in front of Kerri Taylor, back in The Rules.

      • That’s a great story! Please share with us some more stories about the ‘making of’ of that wonderful movie! If there’s one movie I would love to see outtakes from or the ‘making of’, it would be Babysitting without a net. The chemistry between the three women is so wonderful and I can fully understand Wildbury’s fascination with how that went on the set, simply because somehow that must have been a movie in itself: three gorgeous women acting in a movie in which two of them strip the other naked….

      • Eehm, my reply and my comment ‘what a great story’ were meant for your comment with the story about Elise wanting to eat Monica’s ass….

      • Hi Ronny,

        I will need to look around and maybe put something together, but most of the outtakes I have were deleted takes that we just ended up not using. Many of them, I think should have stayed in the finished film. But I don’t really have out of character moments, bloopers or such.

        I agree that Monica, Yara and Elise, did have great chemistry. We struck gold with that trio. It also helped that we had a couple of rounds of call-backs after the initial casting session.

        Thanks for your post, and interest in this film!

      • Yes, her curvy body is a very good reason for you to work with her again. I would like to se her in another video again. Kerri taylor is also very good, what about her?

      • I would love to work with Kerri again, she is gorgeous. She is also very experienced, and an entrenched performer in the internet fetish community. It’s always been difficult to coordiante schedules with her. But you never know!

  3. I was watching the BBC News @ 10 o’clock & it featured the beautiful weather you are having over in the USA. Therefore unless you can find some Eastern European women like these http://dru.pl/blog/tag/zima/ zima=winter http://dru.pl/blog/tag/snieg/ śnieg=snow. You might want to set your next video inside a studio. Maybe a news studio or a studio that somebody has set up for there YouTube/Dailymotion/etc channel.

    • Tell me about it. 29 degrees F right now, with wind chill making it colder. This is the kind of weather I like to go hibernate in.

      But if Amy Starr could drag me out to shoot in single digit temperatures earlier this year, anything is possible.

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