November News

In all the excitement of the past few weeks, I didn’t have time to mention some information about last month. To my surprise, I viewed the stats for this blog and found that October had 19,223 views. That breaks the record that was set only a few months back in July. I am excited for when we will push through the 20,000 milestone.

Although later than I would have liked, I believe the announcement of my shoot with Jackie Stevens was a big factor in driving traffic to the site. Interestingly there were just over a thousand views on November 1st, the day after I released the video.

I will also tease with this bit of information, not making any promises about a timetable to shoot. But Danielle contacted me again, this time saying her twin sister might be interested in working together with us.

Could be something to look forward to in the new year.

Stay tuned!

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7 responses to “November News

    • Hi Mike,

      I’ve seen photosets that Danielle did years ago, and she talked about her sister. For some reason, I thought she was older. So I’m not sure if they are truly identical twins, or if Danielle means they just look alike. I guess I will find out sooner rather than later.

      It does open up some story possibilities besides the obvious sibling rivalry. Perhaps Danielle comes across a clone, or something funny like that.

  1. I mentioned a few months ago that I had a story idea using Danielle, her sister & Sandra. But I had a problem thinking how I could give all 3 characters a “realistic” reason to be naked.

    All characters are over the age of consent.

    Danielle & her sister are pupils at a very strict school – so strict that Ms Reyes has been appointed as the new Dean of Discipline. The twins are almost a cliche, as one the most perfect pupil (imagine a younger version of Laura-Ann from Babysitting Without A Net) where as the other is a female Bart Simpson but with a gorgeous female body & dresses like a stripper St Trinian.

    Ms Sandra Reyes has been appointed as the new Dean of Discipline in the middle of the school year as the previous one had a nervous break down. Maybe it was because of the twins. Ms Reyes decides to set an example in the most radical way possible.

    She call the twins into her office. Once inside she explains that because of the fact that they are twins she has always wondered if the old myth that twins can feel each others pain. She orders them both to strip & bend over. Before they can protest she pull out a cane & is holding a paddle in the other hand. “Do I have to repeat myself. STRIP & BEND OVER!” They look at each other & then start to undress. They are told to put there clothes into a bin back each & tie a knot to close the back.

    Just as Ms Reyes picks up the bags to signal her control over them – there is a knock on the door. It is another member. They talk & the other member of staff thinks the bags are for the jumble sale, so takes them away.

    In the mean time the girls come up with a plan.

    As soom as Ms Reyes re-enter the room – they pounce. Sellotape over her mouth the rip the clothes of the Dean of Discipline. Then they start to spank her.

    The girls are too busy spanking & posing (taking photos using confiscated Ms Reyes to notice another knock on the door. Because there is no answer but loud noises – the Head Master (a chance for a cameo from Helmhood) walks in.

    • That is fantastic! You remember, I did cast Sandra as a distant relation to Ann Berrybush in last year’s “Substitute Teacher”. I could see her as a dean of discipline very well, especially with her spicy temper.

      And I get to make a cameo in time find all three naked and having fun? Sign me up!

      It does sound like a dream scenario. If I can wrangle a classroom again, I would definitely put Danielle in a student situation.


      • Rudely stated perhaps, or not stated at all. However, I don’t find the tattoos attractive either. One or two small ones here or there can be very attractive, but the larger ones over the waist area or down the side or across the back leave a bit to be desired, IMO. Don’t get me wrong, Danielle is a beautiful woman, but I prefer a more natural look. Tattoos aside, I’m glad she is game for appearing in these videos and hope she continues.

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