Happy Thanksgiving

Would anyone like some more of Jackie Stevens?

I have one additional bonus clip from my shoot last month. It seems I kept her naked a little longer after the main video. This is a fun bit with Jackie strolling around the house. Some amusing remarks from her, with possible innuendo, but I’ll leave that up to one’s imagination. Especially nice is filming her from behind.

The clip is just under 2 minutes, and I have brought back some old school Bach for the music, his Orchestral Suite No. 1. Because I’m sure Bach would enjoy Jackie’s full moon.

Jackie Bonus Clip




7 responses to “Happy Thanksgiving

    • You’re welcome! I actually like to keep some content only available on the home site here. So people at OCC who want to see the butt screenshot will have to migrate, ha ha.

    • Thank you very much! Sometimes, I enjoy making a simple clip like this, just watching a beautiful woman such as Jackie walking around.

      On a side note, what did Bach have, something like 17 children? I like to think he was very familiar with the female bottom.

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