2014 Year in Review

It’s time to look back at this year’s videos. 2014 certainly had its share of surprises, including Amy Starr contacting me again for the first time since 2011. And then Jackie Stevens, an experienced and talented model who I have wanted to work with, reached out to me from out of nowhere. Danielle and Elena teamed up for the first time last October, and helped put together two more productions.

As always, this post will be followed up by a poll to vote on Video of the Year. Below is a rundown of the videos in chronological order.

  1. Maid to Order

Amy Starr returns much to my delight after being away for over three years. I was so happy to shoot with her, I even put myself in the video. In this silly story, she confuses appointments with a hiring examination for a maid’s position and strips down thinking it is a medical exam.


2. Feels like Floating

Jackie Stevens appears for the first time in a Narrow-minded Production. The story has her losing a sports bet to a girlfriend, and as a forfeit, she must leave her apartment completely bottomless. This was shot on location at a hotel, and features the luscious bottomed Jackie spending time in the corridors wearing nothing below her little shirt.


3.  Hope Springs Eternal

This story was meant to be a follow up sequel to last year’s Halloween video. Bringing back Danielle and her friend Elena, it is now on the cusp of Spring, and the brunette has revenge in mind. But of course her plan, not well thought out, backfires on the both of them. The highlight is seeing Elena perform nude for the first time.


4.  Birds of a Feather

Looking to put together a longer outdoor shoot, Jackie Stevens returns to lose her clothes at a nearby bird sanctuary. Playing the part of a new tour guide, her drawn-out wardrobe malfunctions and accidents leave Jackie entirely nude before arriving back home in such a state.


5. Making a Memory

Amy Starr is showcased in a writer’s loft studio where she plays a character looking to get a little daring with some time alone on her hands. Taking off all her clothes willingly, Amy then builds up her courage to walk outside in broad daylight, and have a fun stroll along the sidewalk.


6.  Broken Lease

Danielle and Elena are back, this time playing characters different from their art-imitates-life roommate relationship. Elena is a tenant who has not paid her rent, and Danielle is an obnoxious landlady. When she arranges to get rid of her for good, however, Danielle ends up on the receiving side of some payback.


7.  The Witching Hour

This year’s Halloween video features Jackie Stevens as a witch trying to impress her local coven. The potion she stirs up only causes her clothes to disappear, leaving her frustrated and embarrassed. Until Jackie returns home after a brief stint outdoors, and has a happy ending in her bedroom.



4 responses to “2014 Year in Review

    • Great! That’s the whole idea, to sit back and enjoy, even comparing one with another. I think the videos all have their strengths and memorable moments or scenes, which is why I look forward to putting up the poll to get people’s reactions.

    • Working with a model for the first time is always special for me, especially one as super as Jackie. I would love to think up a story for Feels Like Floating 2.

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