Happy Birthday Danielle

Hey everyone,

I wanted to share with you all that today is Danielle’s birthday. She has a lot of fans here, and I have always enjoyed working with her.

In order to celebrate, I was watching through a number of her videos. In my opinion, “The Date” is one where she looks absolutely fantastic. I captured a couple of new screenshots, in a widescreen format. I can never get enough of her stripping and leaving the car stark naked. In this production, I think Danielle’s cuteness factor is off the charts!



7 responses to “Happy Birthday Danielle

  1. Happy Birthday indeed! Hope to see more of Danielle in the coming year. Any chance of a Christmas present for us Helmhood (i.e. a new video)?

    • I have a small something planned to share, but it’s not a video.

      Have to wait until the beginning of the new year, and hopefully not long before Danielle returns.

    • I will have to ask Jackie. The reason how this came up about Danielle, is because last year I shot with her on the night before her birthday and she was going out with her friends.

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