Merry Christmas

A little gift for everyone, I found this rare photo of Sativa Verte in my collection. Here she is striking a classic pose and expression of embarrassment, hugging a pillow to her body as if she had just been discovered without any clothes on. After all these years, she is still the brightest star in this genre of productions.

Enjoy, and have a wonderful day!


10 responses to “Merry Christmas

  1. I have an idea which may suit a solo Sativa or similar standard of actress/model.

    I was watching a variety show on BBC One on Saturday night (“Bruce’s Hall of Fame”) during which they re-anacted a sketch from years ago “Bruce and Norman London Palladium 3”. I am guessing that the Serie Galante video/film “Don’t Touch” is loosely based on this. The back story could be a lady returning to New York decorating her new home.

    I think we discussed a similar idea over a year ago, but with messy food.

    • Hi elaine,

      I have always enjoyed Serie Gallante. Such a fantastic combination of production values and music. Perfect storytelling, without a whole lot of dialogue. And often, showcasing a solo actress.

      I’m sure either Sativa or jackie could pull off something like that, with their expressions and body language. Lots of ideas to play with that kind of scenario and sticky, adhesive substances.

      Hope you have a Happy New Year!

  2. I totally agree with e32100 on doing a video that involves some sticky substances similar to that Serie Galante video. A renovation project would be the perfect scenario. Melted marshmallows would be a good substance to use, sticky as hell, but washes right off with water, not to mention no dangerous chemicals or fumes.

    I hope you can find a way to come up with a video of that type in the new year. Sativa or Jackie would be great for it, but I think Danielle or Amy Starr could pull it off as well.

    Best wishes for the new year!

    • If there is minimal dialogue then a solo girl video would be best (& any that Dino has suggested above are excellent) but if there is more than a few lines then a duo. As I have stated before what is better than one beautiful woman – 2 beautiful, plus these young women deliver good performances.

      • A few minutes after I posted the above comment I remember that there is a classic British called “The Plank” & the remake . These are family films but they could provide some ideas for the future.

    • Thanks Dino and Elaine for the comments! With regard to a serie galante type video, I lean toward Sativa and Jackie because they have the most natural look to go along with the style of production.

      I have been watching through “The Plank”, and enjoying it. I love British humor. Family Friendly, but still saucy in certain parts.

      Narrow-minded Productions aims to be family friendly, too, except for the nudity. Ha ha!

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