2014 Video of the Year

The results are in for Video of the Year, and it was an exciting finish! I have been checking the poll tallies for the last few weeks, and it seemed to be a back and forth three-way battle between Amy Starr, Jackie Stevens, plus Danielle and Elena. This is the first time I had a poll like this without a clear frontrunner. As of last night, the top three videos were separated by a single vote. And then one last vote came in, that gave the winner at least a small margin. Overall, 232 votes were cast.

Making a Memory with Amy Starr finished with 50 or 21.55% of the vote total. Right behind her was the debut title from Jackie Stevens, Feels Like Floating with 48 votes or 20.69% of the vote. And then the co-performance of Danielle and Elena from Hope Springs Eternal received 47 votes, or 20.26% of the total. Very close indeed.

Now it is true that Jackie appeared in three videos, which always results in splitting decisions. I think The Witching Hour was passed over in order to give her others a shot at taking the prize, although it was still a tough choice with Birds of a Feather. Naturally, Jackie did receive the most votes over all when combining all her videos.

The other girls however also appeared in multiple productions. In the end, I think Making a Memory is a deserving winner. This year marked a surprise return for Amy, so I was glad to see that acknowledged. I’m sure Jackie will have opportunities to win it all next year, or even Danielle taking home a second victory.

But personally, I think Making a Memory was my favorite from last year as well. I had so much fun with Amy that day, it was beautiful out and such a great thrill to get her outside. She is simply gorgeous, and the video is very much a showcase of her awesome beauty. Amy also is quite alluring when she acts sensuous, and along with the public nudity scene, makes this a memorable viewing.

Happy New Year to everyone, and may it be an equally exciting 2015.






4 responses to “2014 Video of the Year

  1. Yes, I do think the people made the right choice. By the way Happy 2015 to you Helmhood. May 2015 be a great year for Narrow Minded Productions. As for me, I’m thinking this year will be the right year to try making my own ENF video after being inspired by see what you do

    • Happy new year, Zane, and I think that is a great idea! I have often lamented that there are not enough ENF production studios around. After all, I started out watching the ones that were available in the early 2000’s, before deciding to make my own. So I would be delighted to see what you come up with.

      Best wishes!

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