Grimble U

Bananas, the eccentric leader of the notorious Grimble Gang, recently discussed plans for the founding of a new college.

When asked by members of the media if he would be seeking public funding for this venture, the sunglasses wearing monkey scoffed.

“This ain’t Russia, toots,” he told the female reporter. “Grimble University will operate through private tuition. Women can attend for free, of course. However they are not allowed to wear any clothes.”

It would look something like this…



Bananas, President of Grimble University.


11 responses to “Grimble U

      • Who’s the other model in higher education. She’s a non nude model right? Its very interesting to see video with a clothed girl and one losing her clothes. Are yo gonna make a video like that any time soon, casting for parts? one or two clothed parts as well as the other more demanding part?

      • Yes, that was just Danielle’s friend, who agreed to be in the video.

        I’m always torn between doing a clothed girl/naked girl video, and one where both lose their clothes. Probably the one-sided nudity makes for a better story and sets up more of a contrast in emotions. But it is tempting to go for the value of have two bare ladies on screen.

        Right now, I still considering between solo performances and teaming up some of the models I’ve worked with.

    • Yes, she is, I spoke to her no too long ago. But she is in Flordia right now. While a trip down there sounds good to me, I probably have to wait until she comes back up here.

    • I saw the xhamster videos of Briella you posted. The bitch training was new to me. I would always be open to her cleaning my house, but she wouldn’t be dirty or in chains. Still, I thought Briella looked very cute, great angles.

      And I will have something extra with her to share. She does have a spankable bottom!


      • That video surprised me (for many reasons) as I imagine Briella in cute sexy situations (there is a Disney theme park in Florida(?), so, a “nice” fairytale princess gone “naughty”). It reminded me of a few stories I found on the Yahoo group Strip Search 4.

        Is there going to be another chapter of Under New Management? I have just checked & the last one was Jun 14, 2014.

        An obivious story for nude female house cleaning – other than
        Would be a lady getting a job as a high class female maid/house cleaner (late night television has informed me that there is male version of this – I have got to go to bed earlier), but not realizing that it is a nude or O’Natural high class female maid/house cleaner service. Maybe this has been done before? This is the internet so probably.

        I am also surprised at some of the camera angles as she seemed like a “shy girl” – another reason to look forward to her return as a “wild woman”. Florida must really agree with her.

      • Yes, there is a Disney park in Florida. I know Briella has done fetish work, which is why I have been able to get the most from her regarding some playing at the end of “After School Special”. I often go on about brunettes with big bottoms that are my favorite models, but sometimes a slim sexy blonde is really nice. Anyway, I think she is capable of showing a wide range of, ahem, talents…

        I have not added to the Under New Management story, but I did write another new one in an office setting. I need to get around to posting that. Also, I just wrote a babysitter story as well, which was fun.

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