First Video Shoot of 2015

After being in contact with Danielle over the past couple of months, I promised I would shoot with her next. We arranged to work together today on an idea I had for a fun video. The drawback of course is that it is cold outside, and limited the use of a good location. I had wanted to keep it convenient and find a place near Danielle, but did not want to use her house again.

So I was stuck in a hotel room with Danielle.

Well, we did get to sneak out into the hallway a bit, which has become something of an expectation when I have to do something like this.

I also wanted to come up with a creative twist to at least distinguish the video in a small way. We have all seen Danielle naked. But you’ve never seen her naked… with glasses! As a matter of fact, this is a look I’m quite fond of, and I am surprised how rare of an opportunity it’s been to get a model in spectacles. Or in the case of girls who do naturally wear glasses, I did not take advantage of previously. Anyway, I cast her in the part of a “chic geek”, that is a trendy nerd, who is nevertheless cute and sexy.

I will post more about the scenario when I finish the video. For now, here are some photographs to enjoy. I have another batch of photos I took in addition to these, which I will be posting for an upcoming special event. So make sure to stay tuned.

On a side note, we are preparing to work on a production with her sister, Allie. I explained to Danielle for such an occasion, I want to wait until the warmer weather, and a location where we can really have a lot of fun. Until then…








13 responses to “First Video Shoot of 2015

  1. Don’t worry, if a passer by sees one of the models by accident he’ll think he’s hallucinating. No one is really going to believe they could be that lucky. The first thing he’ll do is schedule an appointment with a psychiatrist.

    • Hi, Mike. The funny thing is, we did get caught, right after taking the photo by the soda machine. Unfortunately it was a she, an older woman, she did not look too happy. We hurried back to the room!

  2. I have always liked the ladies in glasses look myself, especially if that is all they are wearing. Also in the last pic is the vending machine thanking Danielle for being naked? LOL

    • Yes, we play with that idea (only wearing glasses) in the video.

      I thought that was hilarious, the vending machine has this big bright Coca-Cola sign, but it was the “thank you” that jumps out. With Danielle completely nude, seemed so appropriate.

      The original image was captured with poor lighting. That alcove wasn’t not well lit, and then the red luminescence from machine messed up the shot. I tried to correct the brightness and contrasts as best I could. It looks to me almost like a photo-shopped picture, I’m sorry to say. But there is a scene in the video that takes place there, which should come out better.

  3. LOVE the glasses! I’m looking forward to this one. And a shoot with Danielle and her sister coming later, 2015 is off to a promising start!

    • Thank you, she is very cute in this one and a lot of fun. This is one of the few videos where Danielle did not bring a friend a long, and we worked well together on the story.

    • I was listening to a local radio station (in Northern Ireland) & they were talking about the fact we have a saying “Its too cold to snow”.

      We are getting some snow on Thursday.
      “Yellow Weather Warning.
      From: 0800 on Wed 28 January
      To: 2355 on Thu 29 January
      Updated 2 hours ago
      Showers are expected to turn to snow across parts of northern Scotland during Wednesday morning, the risk then transferring to other areas through the rest of the day, continuing overnight and for much of Thursday.

      Across Northern England 3-8 cm could accumulate by Thursday morning, especially over high ground. Over Scotland and Northern Ireland 5-10 cm may fall even at some lower levels, with more than 15 cm possible over higher ground. Strong, gusty winds will lead to drifting and temporary blizzards over high ground, while icy surfaces and lightning pose additional risks in some areas.This is an update to extend the warning a little further south across the Pennines. Note also that there is some signal that more frequent snow showers may affect parts of southern and central Scotland through the evening peak travel period on Wednesday, and this may lead to eventual issue of an Amber warning.

      The public should be aware of the potential for disruption to travel.”

      This is from the BBC Weather website.

      • I hope things are alright over there. I made it out of the house today, so it’s not too bad now.

        True, there is a degree of temperture where the air is not condusive to snow, probably in the lower digits. So I have heard that expression “too cold to snow”. On the other hand, the closer it is to the freezing point (32 F)you get larger, wet messy flakes.

        Anyway, I say bring on the Spring!

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