Musical Thoughts

Danielle plays a college student struggling with her Music History course, which is one she needs in order to graduate. Seeking the help of a tutor, he comes up with an unorthodox method of motivating the cute but nerdy brunette. She is given a practice exam, and for every wrong answer, Danielle must remove a piece of clothing. What will happen when she doesn’t fare too well!

The format of this video has her character interacting directly toward the camera, opposite a silent protagonist who does not appear on screen, except for a few places reaching across toward her. I use this term, because any person who comes up with a creative game to get Danielle out of her clothes must be a hero. The reason I did not put myself on camera is because for the story, I wanted the illusion of another college guy who she is studying with. I felt I would come off more as a professor, rather than one of Danielle’s peers, which is also why I did not voice the part either.

This idea borrows from how I worked the beginning of The Date, where Danielle plays to some lucky fellow off screen, allowing the viewer to project themselves into that role. However, I also think the dialogue reminds me a little of Holiday Hotline, since it is essentially a one-sided conversation, with some lines echoed to maintain the thread of the narrative. This is not without its challenges, but it was worth it to have Danielle engaged in the story, instead of a strictly solo production.

For those who enjoy a gradual removal of clothing, this one will deliver in that department. At least, more so than some of the videos from last year. Once again, the tradeoff is that Danielle’s nudity does not come until the second half. I hope it is worth the wait! I actually liked the back and forth banter between the characters, and building through the slow reveal. This has some of her best improvisation.

As mentioned previously, a central stylistic point is putting Danielle in glasses. She looks adorable in my estimation, and between takes when she raised them to her forehead, the glasses had the cutest habit of falling back on her nose. Visually, the room we used certainly had a lot of brown color, from the walls to the sofa seats. If one considers such artistic palettes, it gives the overall production a warm sepia tone.

Music plays an important part of this story, naturally, and Peanuth O’Toole does not disappoint. His main piano theme is bluntly called Beethoven! This is the subject of the music test. Because the question and answer contest (with her clothing on the line) has a game-show feel to it, there is a variation with a twist using a familiar melody. Peanuth also provided different selections of orchestral instruments and themes, which were worked in between moments here and there, sometimes quite clever.

The full video runs approximately 17 minutes and is available in 2 parts at my clips4sale store.




13 responses to “Musical Thoughts

  1. excellent video and I really liked helmhood a great job you did not a lot to a video with this gan talent to take his clothes piece by piece I really liked many congratulations for this great job ete year hopefully have much success and many blessings in this new year and next video and valentines dates that nice but you could make a video where is a seller and the buyer wants to buy his girlfriend a nice clothes and have to buy piece by piece vendeora and some chocolates he had in his desk if it would be a great video congratulations for your work I congratulate

    • Hi katherine,

      Thank you for your comments. I was hoping you would enjoy this video, because I know how much you like Holiday Hotline and losing clothes piece by piece. This was the perfect story to strip Danielle like that.

      I remember you mentioned an idea for a Valentines Day video, about buying the clothes off a female salesperson. I might do something like this again, with the customer not seen on camera, but the girl talking to him. Or I could do the story with two models. It is something for me to think about.


      • thank you very much helmhood for reading my comment and if you could make history with two funny serious models and more if Danielle and sativa verte but also greatly respect your ideas and your work is just an idea and comment thank you very much for reading my comment and always I’ll be supporting your work and your time to your dedication and your achievements with your masterpieces thanks helmhood your friend katherine

  2. if I like the idea of making a video katherine valentines and what the salesperson is like the video to buy from holiday hotline if helmhood is a good idea and congratulations on this new video tkm ❤

  3. Very nice video you got here! Probably my favorite in a long time. As I’ve said before, I like the more gradual path towards nudity, and I enjoyed seeing Danielle go from fully dressed to bra & panties to topless to nude. I thought she displayed embarrassment pretty well too. And I thought the pacing was pretty good, getting some correct answers to briefly get her hopes up but mostly getting them incorrect. I thought you might have it come down to the final question and a small glimpse of hope that she could retain some clothing, only to dash all her hopes when she finds out she got it wrong, though I guess that could maybe drag it on a bit too long

    I do have some criticisms though. I thought that when she was in her bra & panties, she could have been squirming around a bit more trying to cover herself. For one, I have a thing for embarrassed women trying to cover up in their underwear. But even without that personal bias, I think more embarrassed squirming could have worked better. In the 1st part, when Danielle took her shirt off, she says “This is really embarrassing”, and yet doesn’t bother to try and cover her bra. Even when she took off her pants, she doesn’t really cover up. She crosses her legs, sure, but I still don’t really get that whole embarrassed feeling. When the 2nd part starts, she does a better job trying to cover herself in her bra and panties, but she’s mostly just lying on the couch and it’s not very long before she takes her bra off. A character can say that they’re embarrassed or angry or whatever, but it’s much more believable when they actually show it.

    And this isn’t really a criticism but more of an suggestion. When she was leaving the room with only her backpack, I thought she was going to try using the backpack to cover herself. She did when she 1st gets it, but by the time she gets off the chair, she just ends up wearing it. I thought it was going to be like Jordana with the trick-or-treat bucket, seeing Danielle shifting the backpack around in a desperate attempt to cover up. Lastly, when she was in the hallway and stopped at the vending machines, I thought you could have maybe simulated other students coming out and discovering a nude Danielle, causing her to panic, try covering up, and then dash away. But then again, I guess you don’t want to be out in the hallway too long in case someone actually did end up discovering you guys while filming.

    Sorry if it sounds like I’m bashing this video. Like I said, I really did enjoy this video. Hope for continued success in this new year. Thanks!

    • Hi N.G.,

      Thank you for the detailed feedback! Great suggestions, and I think the video would have been better for it.

      One thing about the pacing, I was toying with the idea of Danielle getting every answer wrong. This is because I’ve been recently disussing overwhelming defeat as a source of humiliation, girls who lose competitions badly. However, I had Danielle take the exam for real, and she did get those questions correct so I rolled with it.

      I wasn’t happy with how the ending by vending machines came out. A simulation of other students from the dorm hall would have been perfect. But I was anxious to get out of there. Danielle did not bring any clothes with her for covering. She was naked outside of the room without anyplace to go, and we did get caught briefly.

      Thanks again, glad you enjoyed this one.

  4. in this February which better idea to do a video on this pretty holiday valentines day of love and friendship and this idea occurio me but if you like going to make you helmhood he is making a artistic great job in their video for this idea I liked these names but their work will be great

    Title: Sales valentines

    an afternoon would have a party for valentines day and Danielle could not find to buy for your friend katherine. Danielle sat worried to think that it would attend the party that did not have a gift I wanted and was playing entonses catalog toc toc door opens the door and is a vendor offering the new to this February
    Danielle: no thanks not right now

    sativa: please Miss I have not had any sales if you do not have me fired it a few products that might interest you

    Danielle takes the opportunity of having the new fashion of February and will do the posile to buy your vestimienta piece by piece and also aprobechara to buy the product at uen price sativa making happy for her first sale and katherine that will have the I wanted this valentines

    • Putting Danielle and Sativa in a video would be excellent. I was just talking to Sandra the other day, and I might team her up with Jackie Stevens for my next project. That would be more likely to happen.

      But your idea is very good, a saleswoman desperate to sell, even all her clothes to a customer.


  5. Great new video Helmhood. I have a question about one of your older videos, Eye Spy. As much as it embarrasses me to admit, I’m a fan of Shira Arielle’s appearance in dare dorm and saw that she appeared in your video, Eye Spy and a blooper reel you made. My question is there any place that I can download your videos that she appears in?

    • Thank you very much! I’m also interested in learning more about how Shira got involved with dare dorm. I’ve written before, that we had a falling out because her then boyfriend was upset with her appearing nude in the promo clip. I hope they broke up, ha ha.

      If I had to guess, I would say the dare dorm project was from a while ago, maybe when she didn’t have a significant other to worry about getting jealous. Even if she did open up about doing more nudity, I’m afraid she would not contact me. But if we find more recent work featuring Shira, I would reach out to her and try to give her a second chance.

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