Danielle Bonus Video

I wanted to do something special for the Super Bowl last week. But since I just released my latest video the day before, the timing didn’t quite work in my favor. So instead, I have combined an extra video clip with Danielle and a bit of outtakes from the full production. After the first two and a half minutes of deleted content or moments between takes, I then share some time spent with Danielle wearing only a football jersey.

During the shoot, I also took an additional three photographs when she was bottomless like this, and have posted these below.

The bonus clip runs approximately seven and a half minutes and can be downloaded here.

Danielle Bonus Video





7 responses to “Danielle Bonus Video

    • Yes, Danielle is very cute once you spend time with her. One of the things I liked about dressing her in the jersey is that you don’t see the tattoos on her back.

  1. Joe,

    I downloaded both parts of “Musical Thoughts” from Sendspace last weekend, but I didn’t get a chance to watch them until this weekend. Part 2 played fine, but it turned out that Part 1 was defective; although it told me it had downloaded 340M, if would not play. So I tried to download it again from Sendspace but discovered that you had already removed it from there. I hate to have to buy it a second time in order to see it. Please reply to my email address.

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