Mid-February Update

As some of you may know, I have had a Dailymotion channel for about seven or eight years now. I would upload my outtakes videos or small promotion clips on that channel. I had over 50 videos added to my account and over 6 million views during this time.

So there I was, minding my own business this week, not bothering anyone. And then I find out that Dailymotion has decided to reverse their policy about allowing nudity on the site. All my videos were removed, and my account has been disabled.

Seven years, 50 videos, 6 million views. Deleted by a push of a button. I should add, without warning or any prior notification once they had been approved.

Now this is not a surprise, as I have had ongoing arguments with Dailymotion moderators in the past. More recently, I have had my content rejected only to be allowed to re-upload after making some adjustments. My last clip of Jackie naked in my house, I needed to pixelate a few seconds where she turns around, and gives a full frontal view. Bear in mind, this is in the context of Dailymotion always permitting nudity. However, some moderators have been given reign to arbitrarily select content they find objection to, and block it. (I can share e-mail correspondences I’ve had, lest anyone get the wrong impression. These moderators are all female, foreigners, some with Islamic sounding names.) Now they are engaged in a full purge.

Make no mistake, this is harmful to Narrow-minded Productions. I watch tracking statistics closely, both on this blog and my clips4sale store. A large number of traffic has always been driven to the store through the videos I posted on Dailymotion. They in turn are able to tack on advertising to the content we producers provide. But that is no more.

I’ll soldier on of course, and find other venues to promote my work. As a concluding response to Dailymotion, I’m reminded of that great quote from the film 300, about facing free men here, not slaves.

In the meantime, there is this to share about the blog in January.

We achieved another new milestone with 21,519 views. I think that accounts for the announcement of the Video of the Year at the beginning of the month, and finishing with the video shoot featuring Danielle.

I have been in contact with Sandra and reached out to Jackie as well. For my next video, I would like to team them up. We will have to see for now, depending on a variety of factors.

Thanks again, to everyone who has shown an interest in and enjoyed these productions.

Stay tuned!


26 responses to “Mid-February Update

  1. I’m sorry to hear that happened. I was thinking of getting a dailymotion account to promote a film I’m working on, but if they’re going to be going the YOUTUBE Censorship route, I won’t bother

    • I think it would depend on the type of content you are looking to put in your trailer or promotional work. You could maybe get away with topless… maybe? At this point, it is more of a trust issue. Dailymotion has demonstrated that they will delete content and deactivate users on a whim.

      Good luck with your project, and feel free to share details here!

    • Im really curious about your project. We need more ENF films. Whats the fil about? whos the actress/actresses whos starting in your film? Please keep us updated.

    • That is pretty clever.

      The silly thing about the whole matter is, my stuff is a lot tamer and less offensive than some of the content that does filter through the moderators.

  2. Sucks to hear about Dailymotion. It’s weird that they decided to shut down your account and remove all of your videos. I looked at my favorites and saw that your videos are actually still in there, but when I click on them, it says that they’re no longer video. It’s also weird that other videos that feature full frontal nudity are still available to watch. Man, Dailymotion used to be cool, but it seems to be getting worse as time goes on.

  3. I commend DailyMotion for shutting down helmhood’s hate speech. While they shouldn’t have banned him for nudity, he deserves to be banned for his consistently homophobic and racist comments. I hope that C4S and WordPress will ban him too.

  4. I’m sorry to hear that. I found out about you through Daily Motion. Definitely, as someone else suggested, go with Vimeo.

    • Thanks, Mike.

      I have set up a Vimeo account. First video uploaded is the classroom preview from Babysitting Without a Net, since that was the film that started it all. And 2015 is the ten year anniversary!

      I’ll work my way backward from here, uploading the recent Danielle clip and so on.

  5. I see that the annoying nerd Neo is still gracing us with his absurd comments. The only racist on this blog is you. It’s unfortunate that you didn’t live in Nazi Germany where you could have censored to the extent of your feeble mind.

  6. Oh, and how’s that boycott of the models that appear in Narrow Minded Productions working out? Have you forced them into starvation yet? Don’t worry, just a bit longer and they’ll be begging your forgiveness.

  7. Sorry about that. But im sure there are other sites you can use, i see a lot of people here recommend Vimeo, and your staring again there so thats good news. A video with jackie and Sandra sounds interesting. How about making Jackie the only one losing her clothes and Sandra or whoever you team Jackie up with can laugh at jackie and make fun of her big butt. That would be a great embarrassment factor. It would give a realistic sense as well.

    • I have a story I’m thinking about, that might start out in an office setting. With Jackie as the supervisor, who gets blackmailed by Sandra. Might make her change into silly outfits and move on to further embarrassment. And yes, she would definitely make comments about Jackie’s big butt!

  8. Hello sir. I would just like to say that these videos are really enjoyable and the ladies are absolutely stunning and beautiful. I’m just bummed that I can only watch the outtake videos. I really want to watch the full videos without hearing outtake voices. Maybe when I learn how to buy them online and I turn 18 I can finally do that. Until then, you have anything to say?

  9. Wow that sucks 😦

    I get a lot of my spank bank material on Dailymotion.

    I found NMP through clips on Dailymotion. Babysitting Without a Net. I was a sophomore in college and trying to figure out how to buy the DVD and hide it from my parents. To my shame, I still haven’t seen it to this day.

    I hope you find another venue for your work. I assume you want to avoid xtube because of the ads and associations with the site.

    • Thanks! The good news is, I started my new vimeo account as mentioned in the post above, and the first video uploaded is the classroom preview clip from Babysitting Without a Net. That’s always been the corner stone and flagship production. Getting lots of likes and followers already. Here’s looking toward the next several million views…

  10. Btw, What happened to the full length film production you talked about a year ago? It would be awesome if you made that film, with a curvy actress playing the victim. Either jackie Stevens or some one else with the same body type.

    • I had to put that one on hold last March when I got hit with a large tax bill, which made me re-evaluate how I should to go forward with different projects. The script is pretty much finished (always room for tweaking and revisions) so I have it available whenever I want to invest in something of a larger scale.

      • The taxes in north east are ridiculously high. Hope you go on with that project soon, cause it would as mentioned be awesome. So please keep us updated on the full length project as well. In the meantime a video with Sandra blackmailing Jackie sounds very interesting.

  11. Didn’t know where else to put this, so I put it here. I remember a (long) while back, I said that I thought it would be cool if you worked with Kobe Lee. You agreed, but said that she mostly worked in the South. Well, I saw on her Model Mayhem page that she’s accepting bookings for the NYC/NJ area for June 9-15. You’re in that area, right? Maybe you could work with her. I think that would be awesome.

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