Briella’s Bottom

Continuing my series of never-before posted screenshots, I have always enjoyed working with Briella Jaden. From the first video we worked on, she immediately was a lot of fun and was comfortable with our interactions. By the time we had finished our third project, After School Special, she was more than a little playful.

We actually considered adding a scene where she would be spanked by the principal. But I decided that I did not have the right look or proper setting to pull it off. This is also an illustration why I don’t like to stage myself in productions, because it is difficult to frame a scene and capture what I want when I’m not behind camera.

However, these stills make a nice tease, and I thought it was time to share.





2 responses to “Briella’s Bottom

    • I could see pairing her up with Jackie, to contrast the mature/younger dynamic again. It doesn’t have to be teacher and student, she could certainly play the employee to a supervisor. I think we even talked about a job scenario before, with Briella as a waitress maybe? Then I could picture either Jackie or Sandra as an unhappy customer. Briella is easy to get along with, so I could probably team her with anyone. I’m just waiting for her to come out this way again.

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