Towel Girls

Who doesn’t love a beautiful girl wearing only a towel? Especially away from home, when that sense of vulnerability sets in, knowing she has nothing on underneath. Of course she is covered, but just barely. And the slightest accident or if she is not careful where she is going, the damsel might lose her only shield of modesty.

In reviewing my productions, I came across six noteworthy scenes where I had the young lady wrapped in a towel. It was interesting to find that I used this as a prop in my earliest videos. But then I did not go back to such a scenario until 2012 with Monique. To my recollection, it seems I never had Sativa or Amy Starr in a towel, despite appearing in almost 20 videos between the two of them.

The fun part in each of these stories, naturally, is that the towels do not stay on. In poor Suzann’s case, it wasn’t very long before it dropped to the floor.

Time to revisit this theme again?








15 responses to “Towel Girls

    • ha ha, what you suggested would be nothing short of EPIC

      What I’d like to figure out is, a story where the girls spend a good amount of time in public (outdoors) wearing towels. Then, one loses her covering and then the other.

    • When I worked with her a few years ago, she was going through college. I think she might have finished by now, but haven’t heard from her.

      If anyone finds examples of her doing videos like we did, I would be interested.

  1. I originally posted this in your Mid-February Update post, but after reading the comments on this post, I figured it would probably be more appropriate to comment here. Or at least it wouldn’t hurt.

    Anyway, I remember a (long) while back, I said that I thought it would be cool if you worked with Kobe Lee. You agreed, but said that she mostly worked in the South. Well, I saw on her Model Mayhem page that she’s accepting bookings for the NYC/NJ area for June 9-15. You’re in that area, right? Maybe you could work with her. I think that would be awesome. Maybe not for a towel video, but definitely for something.

    • Hi N.G.,

      I checked her model mayhem page, and yes, like you said she will be coming to the area mid-June. That sounds about right for me. I love Kobe and I’ll try to reach out to her and see if she is interested.

      Seems like she would be a perfect fit for my style of videos.


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