Retrospective Auditions

We are into the 10 year anniversary of “Babysitting Without a Net” and this is the season when things really picked up during pre-production. I already had a screenplay, and brought aboard director Bennet Stein. Together we were polishing up the script. It was during this week in 2005, that we held two days of auditions in Santa Monica, California. This would be the initial round of casting, as we selected actresses to call back before finalizing the decision.

I thought it would be fun to share the spreadsheet I was working from at the time. It was interesting to see that Monica came in at 2:00 pm on Friday afternoon, and stayed around for Elise Ivy who had an appointment at 3:00 pm. that day. They worked well together, reading from sides (short excerpts) of the script. But also, Christina DeRosa would later come in at 3:30 pm. She has a bit of a following herself, and was a very close second for the title character.

Yara McClay, who would eventually earn the part of Amy, was scheduled for Saturday at 1:00 pm, when she mixed it up with a sizable group of other ladies testing for the roles. She would not pair with Elise until the following week, during the second round of casting.



Ultimately, all three would go on to form this trio:


I hope people will enjoy this trip down memory lane. Over the next few weeks and months, I will look for other items that might be worth posting, or haven’t been seen before.

Amy Appreciation

I know I have a dedicated entry For Amy Starr in the models section, but I was inspired to make this post after utahan15’s comment saying “Amy is lovely”. You know what? He’s right! I have been fortunate to work with some talented models over the years, and we all have our favorites. But Amy is perhaps the most beautiful woman I have ever featured in my productions.

Maybe it’s her dark tresses contrasting with her milky white skin, or her smallish perky breasts. She has long legs, but a proportionately ample bottom. Most of all, spending time with Amy, she is a sweet and down to earth young woman, a very special individual. So I decided to go back to some of our previous videos and search for moments that capture her amazing beauty.

I am really grateful, thinking back, how she responded to my casting call almost five years ago when I was seeking the part opposite Jordana Leigh in “All or Nothing”. Visually, Amy was everything I was looking for, the quintessential statuesque brunette. And then I learned how creative she is, and a joy to work with. Now I did just work with her twice last year, therefore I wanted to examine her first run with Narrow-minded Productions.

For example, I had forgotten about this scene, where Amy tries to cover up with hand towels. Not exactly the towel premise I was talking about in the earlier post, but still a fun demonstration of her nervous and frustrated character.


Here below, I like the way Amy curled her hair, and is juxtaposed against the backdrop of office equipment. I love her pose, bending over.


Next, I also like this profile angle of Amy, sitting topless in front of a laptop computer. The way she really pulled back her hair into the tightly braided ponytail is a distinctive look for her.


As much as I adore Amy’s face and how she appears from the front, she is breathtaking from behind. She would melt the coldest winter.


Always happy to lend a helping hand around the house, too.


Finally, this pose of Amy lying on her tummy speaks for itself. It comes from a small promotion clip I made in 2011.


The clip itself might be considered a rare find. It doesn’t seem like I have posted this here before and it is no longer available in other places. So if you are looking for a quick Amy fix and haven’t watched yet, the clip runs about a minute twenty seconds and can be downloaded at the link below:

Amy Starr Promotion Clip



Quote of the Day

“All I wanted to do was go shopping today…”

~Danielle from In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb

It couldn’t be more appropriate than this March the First to highlight Danielle’s lament in the video “In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb”. As we were hit with another blast of snow showers this afternoon, I am hoping that the wintery start to the month will yield to a more gentle season, conducive for outdoor productions.

What I like about this line is the way Danielle delivers it with a tremble in her voice. Truly her character was nervous throughout the walk home, with the very real possibility she would be seen by people and cars passing by in broad daylight. The words capture the essence of her misfortune and the emotion of Danielle’s naked embarrassment.