Amy Appreciation

I know I have a dedicated entry For Amy Starr in the models section, but I was inspired to make this post after utahan15’s comment saying “Amy is lovely”. You know what? He’s right! I have been fortunate to work with some talented models over the years, and we all have our favorites. But Amy is perhaps the most beautiful woman I have ever featured in my productions.

Maybe it’s her dark tresses contrasting with her milky white skin, or her smallish perky breasts. She has long legs, but a proportionately ample bottom. Most of all, spending time with Amy, she is a sweet and down to earth young woman, a very special individual. So I decided to go back to some of our previous videos and search for moments that capture her amazing beauty.

I am really grateful, thinking back, how she responded to my casting call almost five years ago when I was seeking the part opposite Jordana Leigh in “All or Nothing”. Visually, Amy was everything I was looking for, the quintessential statuesque brunette. And then I learned how creative she is, and a joy to work with. Now I did just work with her twice last year, therefore I wanted to examine her first run with Narrow-minded Productions.

For example, I had forgotten about this scene, where Amy tries to cover up with hand towels. Not exactly the towel premise I was talking about in the earlier post, but still a fun demonstration of her nervous and frustrated character.


Here below, I like the way Amy curled her hair, and is juxtaposed against the backdrop of office equipment. I love her pose, bending over.


Next, I also like this profile angle of Amy, sitting topless in front of a laptop computer. The way she really pulled back her hair into the tightly braided ponytail is a distinctive look for her.


As much as I adore Amy’s face and how she appears from the front, she is breathtaking from behind. She would melt the coldest winter.


Always happy to lend a helping hand around the house, too.


Finally, this pose of Amy lying on her tummy speaks for itself. It comes from a small promotion clip I made in 2011.


The clip itself might be considered a rare find. It doesn’t seem like I have posted this here before and it is no longer available in other places. So if you are looking for a quick Amy fix and haven’t watched yet, the clip runs about a minute twenty seconds and can be downloaded at the link below:

Amy Starr Promotion Clip



5 responses to “Amy Appreciation

    • That was from last January’s “Maid to Order”.

      It is posted here, under the article “Surprise”, as that was a photo from our first video shoot in two and a half years.

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