Retrospective Auditions

We are into the 10 year anniversary of “Babysitting Without a Net” and this is the season when things really picked up during pre-production. I already had a screenplay, and brought aboard director Bennet Stein. Together we were polishing up the script. It was during this week in 2005, that we held two days of auditions in Santa Monica, California. This would be the initial round of casting, as we selected actresses to call back before finalizing the decision.

I thought it would be fun to share the spreadsheet I was working from at the time. It was interesting to see that Monica came in at 2:00 pm on Friday afternoon, and stayed around for Elise Ivy who had an appointment at 3:00 pm. that day. They worked well together, reading from sides (short excerpts) of the script. But also, Christina DeRosa would later come in at 3:30 pm. She has a bit of a following herself, and was a very close second for the title character.

Yara McClay, who would eventually earn the part of Amy, was scheduled for Saturday at 1:00 pm, when she mixed it up with a sizable group of other ladies testing for the roles. She would not pair with Elise until the following week, during the second round of casting.



Ultimately, all three would go on to form this trio:


I hope people will enjoy this trip down memory lane. Over the next few weeks and months, I will look for other items that might be worth posting, or haven’t been seen before.

16 responses to “Retrospective Auditions

  1. was there ever question about the amount of nudity in the final production.
    Did you have in your mind the amount that was needed and were the actresses questioning it?

    • Interestingly, I remember talking to my director about how much we could show while keeping it tasteful. I was happy with the cleaning scene in the first act and the final classroom scene. The more subdued baking and play doctor scenes were a bit of a compromise. Monica was good about all of it, very professional, but I did have to detail in her contract those were the four specific times she would be naked.

      As far as the auditions, I seem to remember at least one actress asking if the required nudity meant only topless, or even a bikini. I thought that was very odd.

  2. Any chance that one day you will be able to post some outtakes that you may have from this film? Would be great.
    And speaking of subdued… Although in the final class room scene Laura-Ann is completely naked, her nudity is pretty much hidden as far as I remember, plus she takes her clothes off herself AND there isn’t even anyone in the room after the girls leave – so there’s not much to be embarrassed about. I think the baking scene is much more expressive: she is undressed by the two girls and they look at her all the time, for example that final moment where Laura-Ann bends over in the refrigerator and the girls wonder if it’s a full moon… Wonderful, funny moment, but I can imagine an actress having some problems with showing herself like that…. Great acting by Monica.

    • Hi Ronny,

      I have a collection of takes that were not used in the final production. I’m planning to put together a clip that I will upload.

      In the final classroom scene, Laura-Ann is talked out of her clothes by the two girls, who do see her naked. They then walk off with all of the teacher’s clothes… moments before class is about to start. This builds incredible tension as the character is left naked in the classroom, knowing that students will be arriving shortly. The scene was shot masterfully by cinematographer Jordan Valenti, while still showing all of Monica, as she builds up to climax. In the last seconds before the credits, her character does indeed have a reason to be embarrassed.

      • That’s true, but I just can imagine that for the actress who played Laura-Ann, having to bend to the refrigerator and exposing her butt like in the baking scene, with the girls commenting on her full moon, was the most embarrassing thing to do. But she is a professional anyway.
        Great news about the outtakes, can’t wait.

      • Ah, I was thinking about the character and embarrassment in the story. As for Monica herself, although she came to us with experience doing nudity, probably the baking scene was something new for her. I imagine the pose and quips behind her might have made her blush a little!

        Another thing that we might forget as we are watching the film, there were about a dozen or so people on set during the shooting of the scene. First and second camera operators, lighting and grip, assistant director, etc. All part of the business of course, but she certainly had to perform in front of a live audience, so to speak.

  3. Really looking forward to see the takes.That will be really interesting to see. When i watch those scenes its interesting to think about, How it actually was for her being completely naked in front of all the people one the set. She’s professional but i can’t imagine anything else than it must have been at least some embarrassment for her? At lest that she might have been a little nervous before shooting those scenes?

    How about the other actresses? or camera people for that matter? Was it any moments they teased her or made any “you’re naked” jokes before or after the nude shootings?

    About the auditions, did the actresses auditioning for the title role have to undress? Was there any actresses not comfortable with the nudity, and turned down the role because of that?

    Btw Christina DeRosa is really attractive. Iv seen her in a nude scene before and she’s beautiful. What made the role eventually go to Monica and not her? Any chance we will ever see DeRosa in a narrow minded production video sometime?

    • Hi Wildbury,

      Christina is great, and I was very impressed with her. However, she is also short (but still cute and beautiful). When we were trying to sell the other girls as teenagers, we ultimately thought it better to go with the taller Monica. Also, Monica nailed “Prim and Proper” perfectly, in her speech and mannerisms. My last contact with DeRosa was almost ten years ago, I’m not sure she would do simple video shoots as opposed to serious film projects.

      There was no nudity required for the auditions. It was explained up front that the part did call for the lead actress to be naked, that’s why there were much fewer ladies auditioning for the part then Amy and Louise.

      From what I remember, everyone was very respectable on set. I wish I had some juicy stories to share about behind the scenes comments, but it was pretty straight forward.


  4. Well, some time ago you recalled Elise saying “I’m about to eat that ass” when pulling down Monica’s underwear from behind. What did she mean by that? And did Monica hear it?

    • That was one of the few times I remember joking around in that context. Elise was positioned behind Monica as she was pulling down her panties from under the apron. As the next shot was being set up, Elise had to stay squatting behind Monica, staring at her bare ass. She was so close, Elise could almost bury her face between those cheeks. I recall everyone laughing at the comment, including Monica.

  5. However, in the movie this scene is one take – there is no change of shots after the panties are pulled down, so apparantly no reason for Elise to keep staying there facing Monica’s butt….. But hey, I don’t know nothing of film making 🙂

  6. This was your absolute best work! I wish you would make a sequel where the teacher gets revenge on them 🙂

    • Thank you very much! Doing a sequel would be a dream for me, and would be quite the project. Turning the tables on the students sounds like a possibility, if not for this film, then as another video idea.

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