Bunnies and Babysitting

Back in 2005, at the time I had a pet rabbit named Chocolate Chip. When we were putting together the film, and discussing the dream sequence that Monica’s character has, the idea was tossed about of using the live rabbit. Unfortunately due to the logistics involved, and the fact that the special effects for the computer rendered scene were finalized back in California, Chip did not get to make an onscreen appearance. I did bring him on location when we wrapped the shoot, and the bunny was a big hit with the girls.

That is the origin of including the green digital rabbit. Here’s a picture of Chip outside his cage.


And here is a promotional card we made when we were promoting the film for festivals.


I also have to share this capture from the sequence, showing Monica’s backside.


The whole thing was shot with Monica against a green screen. And then the computer animations were edited in later. It was probably the most technical snazzy thing about Babysitting Without a Net, and kind of a bit of an Easter Egg to find hidden in the middle of the production.

Years later, when my video with Danielle “The Date” happened to catch a rabbit in the scenery, it resonated with me as a matter of historical significance.

For those interested in my next project, I will have some news to share in my April update.

Stay tuned!

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