April Update

We did it again, in March 2015, setting a new record for monthly site visits. Three years after I started this blog, the number of views reach 23,185 last month.


Now looking forward, I have some news to share. The location featured in videos such as “Cleaning Day” and “The Witching Hour” is my townhouse in Long Island. Also exciting Last month, I received an offer on the property. It is a good opportunity for me to upscale and get something bigger and better. So we are moving ahead with the sale.

It’s still early, and real estate transactions are certainly unpredictable enough, but over the next few weeks this is going to consume a lot of my time and resources. It was an unexpected turn of events and sort of puts my production schedule on hold for the moment. Although truth be told, the miserable weather persisted throughout March, and the first week of April wasn’t anything to write home about. At least we are supposed to finally get some warmer days this weekend.

Anyway, I can’t promise that there will be a video immediately, but I will try to squeeze out something by the end of April, or else May. Once the sale of the home goes through, it should be smooth sailing. I won’t have any problem with chalking up the first half of 2015 as a slow period, and ramp things up for the summer and fall.

I’ve built my business and persevered in making videos by dealing with challenges and overcoming them. This is no different. In fact, I’m looking forward to a change of scenery. I’ll still be staying on Long Island, so I will continue to share updates and progress in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned!

2 responses to “April Update

  1. I was wondering (and admittedly disappointed) why there were no videos released since January. I know how time-consuming a sale/move can be. Don’t sweat trying to put out anything to soon. I’m content to wait until the summer when you have more time and the weather is better. Congrats and best of luck with everything.

    • Thanks! I looked at some more houses today. I’m going to have to make a decision soon. One of the criteria might be a yard I can use in productions, hehe.

      As far as the video schedule, my intention was to work on something for March, so I’m only off by one month at this point. Once I get back on track, it shouldn’t feel like too much of a lapse.

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