Karen/The Reluctant Theatre Student

I was going through my archives, and I found a couple of files from test videos way back when I was just getting started. Since these are no longer available on video channels, I decided I would post them here. This was shortly after I released my independent film production, and I wanted to explore the possibility of even more ENF-centric stories and situations. So I put out a casting call, and was contacted by a model named Karen. Now remember, this was December of 2005 (notice the winter boots she is wearing in the second clip) so I do not have more information on her, and I doubt she is still active.

The first pass is improvising some embarrassed nudity fun. She was thrown into a basic scenario, finding herself in a room without any clothes on, and asked to run with it. It is interesting to see how she interprets events and verbalized her character’s thoughts. Her body language and expressions are very good.

The second clip is more structured around the idea of being a college drama student, trying out for a part that she suddenly learns requires nudity. I actually used this as a prototype for my earlier “silent film” style videos that features a full music soundtrack and title cards for narration. Again, Karen’s facial expressions were fantastic for this simple concept.

Using my old handi-cam camera, the quality is admittedly not great. And I had to laugh at some of my wild zoom ins and zoom outs. But hopefully these short clips might be new to a few people, while still being enjoyable.

Files can be downloaded at the links below:

Karen’s Naked Audition

The Reluctant Theatre Student



9 responses to “Karen/The Reluctant Theatre Student

  1. I remember these clips. I always thought Karen was good expressing embarrassment and covering up and everything. A shame she you never got to work with her again. I thought she would have been great.

    • Yes, I believe she would have done well in more developed videos. Unfortunately, I did not shoot again until later the next year, when I was contacted by Suzanne.

      Another thing about Karen is that she has a nice natural look. I think that helped to sell the embarrassment, making her performance more realistic.

    • Suzann was great at being embarrassed, but I never was able to get the amount of nudity I wanted from her. It was somewhat frustrating, when I would have loved to take a picture of her butt. I think she wanted to move on to more “serious” modeling projects.

  2. She was always my favorite model of yours. A shame you lost touch with her. Ever try googling her? Would love to know if she’s done anything else.

    • I’m glad to hear you enjoyed her appearances. Unfortunately, I do not have the computer I was using then, and lost my e-mails from that time. So I do not even recall her last name, although I think it started with an S. She responded to an ad I posted online, rather than a networking site like Model Mayhem.

      Karen was one of the first models I started to work with independently, and I did not yet have a portfolio built up. Later on, most of my models would follow up with me and express interest in doing another project. After the one shoot with Karen, I did not hear from her again.

  3. Thank you so much for uploading the videos i was dissapointed when i couldnt find them any more she is one of the best actresses/models i have seen

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