Happy Birthday, Elise Ivy

Today is Elise Ivy’s birthday, and I wanted to celebrate by posting a photo she shared getting ready for her big weekend of fun. I think she looks amazing in that dress.

Elise of course played Louise in the film “Babysitting without a Net”.


And here is a photo from ten years ago, on location next to Yara McClay who played Amy.


5 responses to “Happy Birthday, Elise Ivy

    • Nude Descending a Staircase was the name chosen for the director’s cut version of the film. It is only the first 15 minutes, or the first chapter of the story, which was submitted to various film festivals.

      I believe that is also the name of some artsy picture, and was meant to reflect the more artistic aspects of the production. At one point, my director was discussing to go with “Nickel for a Peepshow” based on Louise’s line in the baking scene.

      But long story short, Babysitting Without a Net might have seemed too strange for other independent film critics, so we agreed to use the alternate title.

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