Quote of the Day

“What is this, a stalker house? I’ve been lured…”

~Sativa Verte in Miss Me Yet

Halfway through the story in this video, where Sativa finds herself in the wrong house, she discovers some evidence that this stranger might actually be stalking her. The curly-haired brunette starts to develop conspiracy theories such as the person changing her car’s navigation system, which caused her to arrive at the incorrect address.

Of course, the plot point came about on the spot as we were using Sativa’s apartment for the location and we couldn’t help but notice some of her personal effects in the scene. I thought it was a nice touch, suggesting in the video that the person who lived here might have an unsettling interest in Sativa, adding a bit of tension and mystery to scenario. Then again, maybe it was all in her character’s imagination.



2 responses to “Quote of the Day

  1. Damn I love Sativa! I hope you can find an opportunity to work with her again in the future. BTW, how are things going with the house-hunting/moving front?

    • Things are going forward with the sale, I’ve been busy looking at properties, trying to narrow down the search. Started packing up the garage today, and found a bunch of old DVDs from when I first started. I’ll have to see if there are any extra clips I have never shared before.

      Sativa is the all time best, so it is fun for me to go back and showcase some of her more recent work. I would think there will be another run with her. Last time, it was the summer when she came out here.


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