Troublemaker Preview Clip

Before the implosion of dailymotion, I used to sometimes put together preview clips to upload, featuring moments from some of my videos that were self-contained and memorable. Examples include where Lydia and Tara locked themselves out from Jenna at the Beach, or the clip where Amy discovers her clothes missing from Endless Summer, and also her losing the strip poker game from Lunch Lady.

Unlike the outtakes videos that I always post, these are ripped straight from the finished production for the purpose of giving a sample scene.

I am now including a preview from Troublemaker with Sandra. This clip runs about a minute and a half, from the point of locking herself out of the bathroom, up to getting ready to open the door for a pizza delivery. I fade out here, because the use of a real delivery guy and his reaction was a special moment, and can be enjoyed in the full video.

During this spot, the soundtrack of laughter is preserved, since the story was set up like a television sitcom. More information about the complete video is at this post here:


The link to download the preview clip is here:

Troublemaker Preview Clip


Mid-May Update

I was contacted by Briella Jaden the other night. She is coming back to my area, and we have made plans to shoot at the beginning of June.

Now I’m going ahead with this schedule possibly pushing my luck, because I could have the closing on my house at that time. Then again, the closing is just as likely to be the week following. The reason I have held off shooting so far was because I was reluctant to commit to a video project in the middle of everything. However, if one of the lovely ladies reached out to me, I would have a hard time to turn down the opportunity. Especially one of my personal favorites, Briella.

For the story, I am expecting to get in a generous amount of outdoor nudity. This will be the first chance I have had to work with her when it is relatively nice out. So I am looking forward to see how far we can go.

The last time I saw Briella was in the Fall of 2012. Here is one of the still photos I took, which I had not released before.


Stay tuned!

Preliminary Schedule (May 2005)

Continuing my look back at the making of Babysitting Without a Net to celebrate the 10 year anniversary, I found a spreadsheet that was made as a preliminary shoot schedule. The purpose of this form was to organize what scenes we would shoot over the course of five days. Included were references to the script pages, as well as the actors involved in each scene.

Now what is interesting to see is how certain sections were set up to be shot out of sequence, in order to make the most efficient use of our crew’s time. However, it is also telling that the way events actually unfolded, diverge somewhat from this schedule. Again, it was a preliminary outline to be followed, and after all no battle plan survives contact with the enemy.

We did start out on Monday with the best of intentions, shooting the opening vignette that would end up running for 16 minutes in the finished film. It is the establishing chapter of the story and very detailed, with the most dialogue and movement. As such, its filming stretched out longer than anticipated, until Wednesday.

Furthermore, the climactic classroom scene would not be shot on Thursday as the schedule reads, in fact it would not be filmed until weeks later, when we returned to Los Angeles for a wild one day shoot.

Instead, we moved the “doctors and patient” scene to Thursday. But due to the uncooperative weather, although the scene begins outside, we did not finish in the garden. The remainder of that episode was placed back indoors.

Friday was when we took on the cookie baking scenario, which in the film is actually Chapter 2. Also, we would end up shooting out the kitchen stuff earlier in the day, and then the part where the girls pester Laura-Ann by the window was done at night.

Having fit everything in, minus the classroom, we were indeed able to wrap on Saturday as planned. The following month of June would begin the joys of post-production.






Principle photography started on Babysitting Without a Net during the first week of May, 2005. That’s a fancy way of saying the pieces came together to finally begin the shoot at this time ten years ago. I’ve come across some interesting documents that were critical to organizing this production. The first is a workflow chart that was put together by our cinematographer Jordan Valenti. Anyone who has ever wondered how the film came to look the way it does, this image explains the process.


Unlike the videos I would shoot afterward, Babysitting Without a Net used 16mm film. This went through the stages of having the negatives developed here in New York, and then the tapes were sent off to Los Angeles for the post-production. This is also where digital dream sequence was composed, as I mentioned previously.

After the editing, there was still another step of finishing the film in an HD format, and then doing a color correction to get the exact pallet of the end version. This is what became the Master copy and used to encode on the DVD.

It’s fascinating from a technical aspect, and pretty involved for a project of this scope. I’m glad we did it this way, because it gives the film a distinctive appearance. Over the next few weeks, I will share some more items I found.