Principle photography started on Babysitting Without a Net during the first week of May, 2005. That’s a fancy way of saying the pieces came together to finally begin the shoot at this time ten years ago. I’ve come across some interesting documents that were critical to organizing this production. The first is a workflow chart that was put together by our cinematographer Jordan Valenti. Anyone who has ever wondered how the film came to look the way it does, this image explains the process.


Unlike the videos I would shoot afterward, Babysitting Without a Net used 16mm film. This went through the stages of having the negatives developed here in New York, and then the tapes were sent off to Los Angeles for the post-production. This is also where digital dream sequence was composed, as I mentioned previously.

After the editing, there was still another step of finishing the film in an HD format, and then doing a color correction to get the exact pallet of the end version. This is what became the Master copy and used to encode on the DVD.

It’s fascinating from a technical aspect, and pretty involved for a project of this scope. I’m glad we did it this way, because it gives the film a distinctive appearance. Over the next few weeks, I will share some more items I found.


8 responses to “Workflow

  1. Any chance we can get an HD version of it some day? The downloadable version really suffers from compression artifacts.

    • Hi Hank,

      The HD version is the DVD. The download version is converted into an mpeg and then windows media file. After the selling the DVD exclusively, I put the video file up for download at my store around 2009, and it has far outpaced the DVD.

      There’s no question in my mind that this film is better viewed on television, which as the original intent. But the convenience of a direct download onto the computer has wider appeal.

    • Of course, eventually. This is a good example of why I don’t have a subscription site, so I’m not under pressure to produce content. And if something comes up and I need to delay shooting, or even if I just want to take a break, I can do so.

  2. How are things going with the house sale & buying of a new property?

    On some historical buildings/landmarks/film locations there is a plaque/sign, will you be leaving something like this for the new owner(s)?

    Plus here is a suggestion for a video “Beach Blanket Bimbo” by Cartoon Joe. I know you have already done a video set on or near a beach, “Jenna at the Beach” ,but this would be totally different plus the forced stripping of “Double Booked” . I am of course imagining Sandra & Danielle as the cast.

    • Hi e, good to hear from you!

      This week is the appraisal on the house. What that means out here is that, even though I have an accepted offer, because the buyer is going for a mortgage the bank has to make sure the house appraises for the amount they are lending. This is the last obstacle before proceeding to closing. I don’t think I will be leaving any signs about the three videos I shot there, ha ha.

      Thanks for the attachment, looks like a fun idea. Did I ever mention that Sandra and Danielle didn’t really hit it off that well? A more likely scenario would be Danielle and her sister, or if I could ever reunite Sandra and Sativa, that would be wonderful.

      • No, you didn’t mention that Sandra & Danielle didn’t get on, but that is probably why they seem great for opposing characters.

        If it was Sandra and Sativa I could think of a few ideas. Plus is it legal or possible in your part of America that one of the female characters is relaxing sunbathing topless, but is rudely interrupted by the other (ideas about that to follow).

      • I don’t know about legal, but I might be able to get away with having a topless sunbathing scene.

        Keep in mind, Jackie has also expressed interest in doing some work on a beach. So maybe that could play apart in your video ideas!

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