Mid-May Update

I was contacted by Briella Jaden the other night. She is coming back to my area, and we have made plans to shoot at the beginning of June.

Now I’m going ahead with this schedule possibly pushing my luck, because I could have the closing on my house at that time. Then again, the closing is just as likely to be the week following. The reason I have held off shooting so far was because I was reluctant to commit to a video project in the middle of everything. However, if one of the lovely ladies reached out to me, I would have a hard time to turn down the opportunity. Especially one of my personal favorites, Briella.

For the story, I am expecting to get in a generous amount of outdoor nudity. This will be the first chance I have had to work with her when it is relatively nice out. So I am looking forward to see how far we can go.

The last time I saw Briella was in the Fall of 2012. Here is one of the still photos I took, which I had not released before.


Stay tuned!

2 responses to “Mid-May Update

    • Thanks, Hank. I do have an idea for the plot. I’m also going to scout a park-like location, to make sure it will be feasible to shoot there. This will be a situation where the available location drives the story.

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