Troublemaker Preview Clip

Before the implosion of dailymotion, I used to sometimes put together preview clips to upload, featuring moments from some of my videos that were self-contained and memorable. Examples include where Lydia and Tara locked themselves out from Jenna at the Beach, or the clip where Amy discovers her clothes missing from Endless Summer, and also her losing the strip poker game from Lunch Lady.

Unlike the outtakes videos that I always post, these are ripped straight from the finished production for the purpose of giving a sample scene.

I am now including a preview from Troublemaker with Sandra. This clip runs about a minute and a half, from the point of locking herself out of the bathroom, up to getting ready to open the door for a pizza delivery. I fade out here, because the use of a real delivery guy and his reaction was a special moment, and can be enjoyed in the full video.

During this spot, the soundtrack of laughter is preserved, since the story was set up like a television sitcom. More information about the complete video is at this post here:


The link to download the preview clip is here:

Troublemaker Preview Clip


11 responses to “Troublemaker Preview Clip

  1. On Sunday, May 24, the day after I posted this article with the preview clip, a new record was set for site views in one day. I won’t make a separate post about it, but the amount was 1,763 that is more than the previous record on a day in September of 2012.

    Pretty amazing that the release of this one and half minute sample from Troublemaker got more attention than my initial post about Monique.

    Anyway, I stopped by the location I am using for the upcoming shoot, and I think it has a bunch of possibilities. Looking forward to working with Briella.

  2. I am exicted, but I hope the weather forecast is better for you than it is for me. The weather forecast for this week in Northern Ireland is very similar to a forecast for March instead of June.

      • Are you worried about your camera equipment. There are some brands of cameras that sell separate waterproof housings.

      • It’s more so that I like my models to be comfortable. This is a funny time of the year, when you can have scattered showers and then the sun will break through. We are shooting later in the day, so hopefully we will have a decent window.

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