Briella’s Back

I just finished a video shoot with the returning Briella Jaden. The highlight should be this is the first chance I have had any kind of extended time outdoors with her. Although we did have a couple of run-ins out on the trails, but hey, that only makes this exciting.

What I enjoy about this young lady, is that she is fun and engaging, and always trying to improve. We have not worked together since the end of 2012, but she remembered that the theme of these videos contains an element of embarrassment. Of course Briella also adds her own natural sexy style, which makes for an interesting contrast in following her character.

It’s kind of late, so I will share these still photos for now. I’ll start editing the video over the weekend, and should have an update about progress soon.








4 responses to “Briella’s Back

  1. I love your shoots with Briella! She’s so gorgeous and the videos with her are awesome. I remember the first video I saw of her was the one where she’s forced to strip in front of her class. The only thing that would have made that better is if there was an actual class watching her 🙂

    • Hi Law,

      I’m glad you enjoy Briella as much as I do. I have been working on the video, and my initial impression is that this could be her best performance yet. The classroom video was fun, of course having real extras to act as the students would have been a challenge.

      Here is a sneak preview screenshot from editing. Briella looks succulent.


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