The Boss is Back

In this video, Briella Jaden returns to play a receptionist working at NMP Industries. It is the end of the day and the office is quiet, when she receives a telephone call from one of her friends. Innocent chatting is soon followed by suggestions that Briella try something daring and take off her clothes. The young woman is shocked, yet slowly and reluctantly agrees to some fun, at the constant prompting on the other end of the phone. The final request from her friend is that Briella leave the building completely nude.

Because of the season and time of the day we shot this video, I wanted to take advantage of the remaining daylight. So the extended outdoor scenes were actually done first. And then we went back to the room with the desk where Briella changed into her office wardrobe to shoot the first half of this production.

Again, I was impressed with her handling of the premise as she carried the one-sided conversation on the phone. She plays a fun girl who is nevertheless trying to remain decent despite the risky suggestions from her friend. The result is that her undressing is slow and drawn out, actually a wonderful strip tease. But it is the context of the story that makes it even more exciting.

Outside, there was a nature preserve with trails located at the back of a sprawling office complex. Given the hour and day of the week, I figured we would not find too much trouble. However, in the middle of shooting, some dude walked onto the path, which I caught on camera. Briella had the presence of mind to scamper into some bushes behind a tree, once she realized what happened. The guy was good about it and thankfully this did not interrupt our plans. In fact, I was able to incorporate the incident into the way events played out for her character.

I wish to point out that some stretches seem to linger on Briella simply doing a slow, graceful walk down the wooded trail. This girl just oozes feminine sexuality and beauty. I cannot help but enjoy watching her form in motion. It also speaks to the type of character she plays. Yes she is embarrassed about her situation, but she grows ever aware that being outside like this is a thrill, always straddling between fear and excitement.

On the opposite side of the preserve, we ran into another group as we were shooting. Unfortunately this was not as pleasant an experience. I captured a split second of Briella’s reaction before cutting the camera. We then had to pack up and head back to the other location. I had more than enough outdoor material, the only problem was, I initially was planning to finish by asking Briella to run across the parking lot toward the office building. That was not possible now.

Instead, upon returning to the room, I stitched together an ending that is a little abrupt. But overall, I’m happy with the quality of content we were able to achieve. I was able to get a lot out of Briella, which is amazing since we have not worked together in two and a half years. There are scenes I deleted or did not use, only due to the abundance of material. These will be featured in the outtakes video.

The music featured in the production was composed by Penauth O’Toole. He provides a track called “Corporate Jungle” that has a punk rock sound as well playing off the theme from a television series. I think it works, as Briella spends a good deal of time in her birthday suit.

The full production comes in over a hefty 25 minutes and is available in 2 parts at my clips4sale store.




10 responses to “The Boss is Back

    • No trouble, Hank. Just the general feeling that we were not welcome there at the preserve. We packed up our things and went back to the room, where we did all the inside shots.

    • I posted new links. Click on the new part 2, and try that.

      What happens is if too many people try to download these big files all at once, Sendspace reverts back to the bandwidth-free links. That means slower downloads, and a wait period before being able to get the next part.

      It should be fixed for now.

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