Mid-June Update

Hey everyone,

A couple of quick updates I wanted to share. Looking back at last month’s statistics, May 2015 continued the trend and set a new record for site visits at 24,529.

This was helped by the announcement of my next video project with Briella, and also the new single day record that was set when I posted a preview clip from Troublemaker.

In other news, Danielle contacted me last night, and she wants to shoot. I have decided that now is as good a time as there will ever be to bring her sister on board. And besides, I am overdue for a two-girl production. So we are cooking up something for the middle of July. An exact date has not been finalized, but looks like I will have access to a location near the both of them. There is a script I am planning to work from, which might very well feature some good old fashioned sister rivalry.

Stay tuned!


2 responses to “Mid-June Update

  1. Just one thing I would like to say on the thought of Danielle & her sister together in a video, (nothing weird but) both have got to be naked, before the closing credits.

    Is it going to be just the sisters or is there going to be a third female character?

    • I need to ask Danielle if her sister still does nudity. I know she has modeled, but I think it has been a while, so I have to see what she is comfortable with. Even then, my story might call for one-sided nudity with Danielle taking the brunt of it. However, if her sister is open to shedding her clothes, I could do a twist ending, or at the very least, I will capture extra video to… compare the sisters.

      It will only be the two girls, no third parties.

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