27 responses to “No More Free Videos

    • Yes, I clearly have to look out for my own business interests at this point.

      Keep in mind that in 2015, media encompass a broad swath from television and news print, to social media, such as google, youtube, etc. Video streaming sites like dailymotion and vimeo are part of the same ilk. It’s already been documented how being no longer able to post my promotional videos there has had a negative impact on me. So I have to do what’s best moving forward.

  1. Well, I think we all knew this day would come, but hoped it never will. It was fun while it lasted. Its been, what, almost 15 years that you’ve been giving us these wonderful ENF videos for free? For anyone, that is an achievement. Thanks for the free ride, but I guess you’ll find out who really cares about your business or if they really just wanted to see videos of naked women for free.

    • 10 years, if you start from Babysitting Without a Net, but that film was never distributed for free. I started making the simpler ENF videos just to post something and hope people would buy the DVD. Later, when I opened my store, I did the one week free download, mostly to acknowledge people who had been along since the beginning and enjoyed my videos.

      I’ll probably do a combination of trailer and outtakes clips for future productions. Those of course will remain available for download.

    • I might consider it. In the past, I have been hesitant to get involved in that kind of deal. If some sent me a script or specific request, I could try to work something out.

  2. Well that’s a bummer. Any specific reason for the change?

    Will we have to buy them through clips for sale, or will we be able to cut out the middle man and get them directly from you?

    • I have always been open to accepting paypal as a payment method and the price would be almost 50% less. I can be contacted directly to discuss this option.

  3. It’s remarkable how you blame your failure on DailyMotion and Vimeo rather than on the fact that you are a racist, homophobic, untalented hack.

  4. I’d like to say thank you for all the videos up to this point Helmhood. I bought my copy of Babysitting Without a Net the day you announced it was for sale. I hope to see more from you in the future. And PayPal sux, the bastards banned me over 10 years ago for using it to buy porn off of Ebay.

    • Thank you, Mark.

      I can relate to problems with PayPal. Back when I released Babysitting Without a Net, I had my PayPal account briefly suspended because of the Hapless Babysitter stories on the film website. Once I removed those, it was activated again and I have not had any trouble since.

      But I do agree, they have done some shoddy things over the years, and can be frustrating to deal with.

      • I have seen that you can use paypal to buy porn now but they won’t give me another account. I use google wallet now, so much easier.

  5. I’ve only ever purchased the Babysitting Without a Net DVD from you. You’ll have my support and business in the future. I’ll look forward to your video in July. I always thought the free videos were really generous of you. Thanks Helmhood.

    Looking back I think the clip you posted on metacafe of Weekend at the office with Jade made me aware of ENF for the first time. So I really owe you!

  6. I’m not sure the issues you had with dailymotion. Maybe you could post censored versions of your final videos on there. Also while you’re are in a bit of a transition maybe think about moving away from clips for sale. It’s a terrible service. No ability to re download content that you’ve purchased in the past and overall just an archaic user experience. I’ve always thought you were on to something with your content. I can say however that I’ve been surprised over the years that your production quality hasn’t improved. Bottom line is… I like what you are doing, but your content and the way you distribute it hadn’t changed in 10 years, and the Internet has. I only see opportunity here.

    • Dailymotion disabled my account after seven years of providing content, which they deleted. My e-mail address would be blocked from creating new account, and while this can be circumvented, it’s not worth the trouble. I have no interest in dealing with them.

      Clips4sale has been good to me over the years. It’s not perfect by any stretch, but works as a landing page to host my videos. And the way they rotate and update their front site, gets me visibility. As for re-downloading, I have all my own video files. If someone needs content that was already purchased, they can contact me directly and I’m happy to provide the video file.

      The same goes for making new purchases. No one has to go through clips4sale if they don’t want to. Send me an e-mail, and we can discuss getting a payment to me through PayPal or other means, and I will distribute the video directly.

      • Hi Mark,

        Thank you for your comment, I really appreciate it. But this period now, over the past month, is why I don’t want to have a subscription site. If I don’t have any new material, I don’t want to be pressured to produce content. I like to make videos at my own pace. Hopefully I should have something soon.

  7. I have a few suggestions for videos that could take place at or near a beach. The quick & maybe the easiest for a solo model/actress video is of course the girl loses her bikini due to powerful (but not dangerous) waves in the surf. Plus the bikini/swimsuit could be a few years old & any elastic maybe pass its best. The girl could make comments about this. Only realising once she back on dry land but yards/meters away from her beach towel or anything else that could be used as a cover up.

    Bikini + Waves = Perfect Mix!!!

    If you have a particular model in mind you could ask her if she has an older swimsuit that maybe a bit baggy or not this year’s fashion. I am not sure about beach fashion, but I do know that there is sometimes a difference, between a swimsuit designed for swimming & a swimsuit that just looks good on a model lounging beside a pool sipping over priced cocktails.

    I may post other ideas later. I bought a new keyboard to replace an older one which broke but I am sometimes having with the “d” & “m” keys & cannot return it as it only happens occasionally.

    • Jackie has expressed interest in doing a beach shoot. August would be a good time to plan something like that, and I haven’t featured her for a while. A swimsuit malfunction caused by her big bottom would be delightful. I’m sure she has a great variety of suits from her wardrobe. Maybe an older one from when she was younger and her character is trying to convince herself she can still fit into it. I see lots of potential for fun.

      Are you able to exchange the keyboard you bought? Seems if it is not operating properly, you should be able to get another one, even if the problem doesn’t happen every time.

      Thanks for your ideas!

      • If you (& Jackie) are careful to choose the right beach, that is dog walker (& other pet) free & the right type of sand, you may be able to do a scene where she tries to cover up by pretending to be buried by her children to any passers by. I remember a member of OCC requested this in the thread. It was Tahtorak (September 2011) & I commented on it, then found an example of a girl in a similar pose a few weeks later.

        If it was completely my choice as to what bikini Jackie wore it would be very similar style to that worn by Gail McKenna (my favourite Page 3 Girl ever) when she won “The Bikini Open 3”. Topped with a big floppy hat.

        As for the keyboard it is real a cheap stop gap as I am in the middle of build of a gaming rig, so I will be upgrading to one that is alot more than £10. Maybe I will use this current one to try & get a better deal on a more expensive one in the same store.

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