Amy Starr losing at Strip Poker

When I posted earlier about some of the preview clips I have made over the years, one of the examples that came up was with Amy Starr from the video Lunch Lady. In the story, Amy’s character is involved in a strip poker game with her neighbor Tammy played by Jade Indica. It should be no surprise that Amy loses, and pretty badly. The game of strip poker was not the point of the production, but a premise for tricking her character out of all her clothes.

Here I prepared a short clip the shows the final moment of the game, and Jade’s character’s winning hand. Complete with some voices edited in to simulate the idea that there were other people at the table, this is a taste of Amy’s bashful body language and frustrated expressions as she realizes defeat.

Running just 44 seconds, the sample scene was intended to be viewed on free video sharing sites. However, now the video file can only be downloaded at the link below. Originally put together in 2011, hopefully this will be new for some people.

Amy Starr – Strip Poker




3 responses to “Amy Starr losing at Strip Poker

    • That’s right, the Lunch Lady post contains the outtakes video, which has its own funny moments.

      I am shooting with Danielle and her sister Ali next Saturday.

  1. I was just looking at my twitter feed & BBC News (UK) retweeted a link to this Mark “Kermode Uncut: Your Thoughts On Editing” .

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